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“Have a drink at The PUB so to speak!   Get intoxicated with building more inter-party — and all-parties — political common ground and areas of strong agreement.   AKA Coalition Building in unofficial parliament system using proportional representation and Ranked Choice Voting!   Much more so than the official winner-takes-all elections have done so far!”
* * *

This web store is a place to support the political and business unity through the use of pure proportional representation (PR) elections.

Products for sale and free speech forums with conceptual illustrations on how the unity gets generated among the political candidates and voters.   Those are the two main points of focus.

Support the project with financial fuel by making a donation or purchase.
* * *

Power the unity with psychological fuel by participating in the elections for the political and/or business entity.

The forums on the left are for posting any questions and explanations on how the unity is generated.

Explore our two main currently active election cycles now by clicking on the links to the political and business elections.
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This is the All Party System (APS) Co. Store “eCommerce” site,  version 1.0 beta (in-development), established in June 2014 using the WordPress 3 content management system.  We hope to be offering 1-2 store products for sale on-line starting in July,  however this site now also provides an APS Forum to enable APS Co. member and supporter discussions on-line, enable the discussions of future store shoppers (e.g. what do you want to buy?), and a “Portal” (links) to a few other related sites, the All Party System Co. virtual board room and the USParliament.  Your donations, if any, and a small percentage of this store’s proceeds go to help support the operations of and improvement to the other two sites named above as well as the same for the organizations and their operations associated with all three sites: USP.org, APS.org and this store.

APS Co. Brick-and-Mortar (B&M) actual physical office #1 in Monterey, California, USA located on famous Cannery Row near the Monterey Aquarium.  As profits improve, more physical offices and stores will appear in high-traffic, popular tourist locations nation-wide and perhaps internationally as well!  But all store products will be listed here and available for purchase on-line.

A “portal” web site is a door-way to one or more other web sites that have some goals and objectives in common.  Our  common goals and objectives are to promote and demonstrate to the general public: (1) Unity Government operations and decision-making even if it be in unofficial governing bodies issuing non-binding endorsement, resolutions, policies and procedures which surrounding official government bodies may or not adopt. (2) Hold parliamentary elections to governing bodies using (a) Ranked Choice Voting and (b) with Proportional Representation of at least one member of each official and unofficial local, state, provincial and national party that voted in the last election!

We’re  pursuing such common goals and objectives and are involved in three web sites and the related organizations:  USParliament.org, the APS Organization, AllPartySystem.org, and this store site.  On  the APS “portal” areas of this site, such as in this paragraph, and as a demonstration of our interest in full-disclosure of our inter-related organizations and their respective web sites development activities – you will find links to the AllPartySystem.com TEST site (v2.0) which is a Joomla! virtual store in-development to be “better”  in many ways than a WordPress on this site can provide.

In addition there may appear on this site soon some technical, political and social “over-view” articles of the related sites: USParliament.org LIVE (existing) and TEST (next-version) web sites, the AllPartySystem.org LIVE (existing) and TEST (next-version) web sites as well as additional articles about this APS WordPress Store LIVE site and the Joomla! Store test sites listed and linked-to just above.

A very few store products exist on this store site now.  We  have sold them successfully in the past and plan to do so again via this site.   But soon the best of the future APS Web Store test site contents, including our longer initial products list and store shopping features, will be added to this Store site.  Later Store v2.0, the Joomla! store site, will replace this site, keep existing content and products, but also show a much broader range of products and services.

Coming products in the v1.0 and v2.0 store will include Fine Coffees in-bulk, Fine Wines, Exotic Condiments, and possibly Fine Chocolates — the best from around Monterey, California, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Napa and Sonoma Valleys in California and elsewhere throughout Northern and Central California.  Those product sources, however, will be quickly expanding to include similar products from all-of-California, from other US states, Canada, Mexico, etc!  Art Works including paintings, pottery and small sculptures will be offered as well as Jewel stones and jewelry.  Services will  be those political materials design, production and supply which cater to our general goals and objective state above, which do not demonize political opponents or policies and which promise to facilitate greater intra- and inter-party ” unity”  (or solidarity) of the recipient political parties of these services and materials.

All product suppliers will be required to show “some degree of support for” the existence and growth of both USParliament system and All Party System Organization, if only by agreeing to provide their  products at wholesale to the Store.

As noted at the top of this article and elsewhere on this site, a small percentage of the retail-sale-price of Store Products  will go to the All Party System organization, the allpartysystem.org LIVE site, to help pay USParliament, APS Store and APS Organization staff and their respective B&M office(s) operational expenses.   All purchasers will be gently requested to contribute a small donation, if they are able.

You, a site visitor to this and possibly a visitor to our other sites named above, will be free to provide in article-comments and forum-category-comments available on those other sites your constructive comments, remarks and suggestions about “our” mission and our operations which WILL BE EVOLVING RAPIDLY.

Since the 1990s the USParliament and since 2009 the AllPartySystem operations and web sites have been funded by DONATIONS-only; no grants have been solicited, requested from funding sources or forthcoming from voluntary unsolicited “angel donors.”

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the All Party System Co. Web Store”

  1. This new “All Party System Co. Store” (www.allpartysystem.com) site is an awesome new development, thanks to our guides, Tech Team leaders and benefactors.

    We’ll use this as a “UNITY GENERATOR”, a place to promote our updates on the united coalition; the team and our accomplishments.

    Thank you for visiting the site!

    We hope that with each visit you’ll start to see more improvements and that you’ll also sign up today to be a part of this UNITED COALITION.

    Again, thank you very much for your interest.

    Very truly yours,
    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Secretary of the All Party System Co., USA Bureau

  2. Well James. This site surely looks like it represents a productive improvement of your Good Vision. Congratulations for getting this far. You have stuck to “it” and and are probably experiencing fresh new Hope for Humanity, through improved efforts at Parliamentary Governance Practices.
    It must be nice down there in Monterey. Conducive to the contemplation of ways to help Our Species become More and Better. I’ll come visit you there some day. It has been long since I have been that far “down” the coast.
    You might consider a “blog” section where participants and allies can develop and express their views for cooperation in governance. Each blog having the opportunity for constructive and meaningful discussion of the presented ideas.
    Anyway, well done! It is Good to see your achievement. Will buy and donate soon. And improve my own participation in your vision.
    Respectfully Submitted, Dan 1 ( Daniel Penisten)

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