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  1. This new “All Party System Co. Store” (www.allpartysystem.com) site is an awesome new development, thanks to our guides, Tech Team leaders and benefactors.

    We’ll use this as a “UNITY GENERATOR”, a place to promote our updates on the united coalition; the team and our accomplishments.

    Thank you for visiting the site!

    We hope that with each visit you’ll start to see more improvements and that you’ll also sign up today to be a part of this UNITED COALITION.

    Again, thank you very much for your interest.

    Very truly yours,
    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Secretary of the All Party System Co., USA Bureau

  2. Well James. This site surely looks like it represents a productive improvement of your Good Vision. Congratulations for getting this far. You have stuck to “it” and and are probably experiencing fresh new Hope for Humanity, through improved efforts at Parliamentary Governance Practices.
    It must be nice down there in Monterey. Conducive to the contemplation of ways to help Our Species become More and Better. I’ll come visit you there some day. It has been long since I have been that far “down” the coast.
    You might consider a “blog” section where participants and allies can develop and express their views for cooperation in governance. Each blog having the opportunity for constructive and meaningful discussion of the presented ideas.
    Anyway, well done! It is Good to see your achievement. Will buy and donate soon. And improve my own participation in your vision.
    Respectfully Submitted, Dan 1 ( Daniel Penisten)

  3. KK said on July 4, 2014

    Thank you, James, CindyKay, Dorothy, Heli, etc… for organizing all of this.

  4. 1st get rid of that horoscope junk at right (delete it)
    2nd, get RID of that go fund me nonsense (delete it)
    3rd, have a button of the helicopter photo, under it a BUTTON saying “information about JOINING the U.S. Parliament” and then a CLICK HERE button
    4th, design a SIGN UP FORM, a CLICK HERE TO JOIN and that takes you to a FORM where it collects info like, name, party choice (a quick list there of all the parties – pick one), US or INTERNATIONAL affiliation, a VOTE NOW page listing the candidates running & instructions how to vote, ask if they prefer business or political affiliation or both, ask if they can offer any help & what skills they have,, TELL them they may invite friends to JOIN, ASK them if they’d like to become a donator, ASK them if they’d like to BUY some COFFEE for themselves or as a gift & where we should send it,, Ask them if they’d like to purchase some STOCK right now on the NYSE, and any additional questions that will benefit our Team.
    5th – ASK them to VOTE for Scot Olewine as President of the USA & give them my link once I form a website (smile). – but seriously, send them to each Presidential candidate website via a section just for us. Let them become involved with us running and join our Administration TOO
    6th – a place to upload their PHOTO and title or website & email, so it’s a handy way we all can contact any member & see who we’re speaking to. I guess this would be another FORM, that collects this minimal info, then adds it to a master database called MEMBERS, I’m thinking perhaps a 2″ by 2″ space for each member for their photo, website, & email address perhaps phone number too. Minimal info in a tight space. have this cascaded window fill the screen with every member in thumbnail 2″ by 2″,, you click on that & it enlarges into a full screen for easy reading their number or email address – perhaps a 15 word summary what they’d like to see done different in the World or for USA, depending o n their choice of affiliation. (what they’d change)
    7th – SHOW THEM the available positions we have open, so they can be voted in to, & lead them to the vote form, to vote themselves in & start the process for them. It’d be nice to automate it all so James won’t have to manually edit each form submitted & then ADD that to a central database. Hey Programmers. Think of a way to automate this process.
    Scot Olewine

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