We’re building a recycling network handbook and encourage our members to recycle.
Below are some of the products we offer to gain your financial support.

Services Provided by the All Party System Co. and International Parliament
1213 C Forest Avenue, Pacific Grove, California, USA
Email: Secretary “at” AllPartySystem “dot” Org
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“Hi, I’m James Ogle, your coordinator and webmaster.   I am able to handle the following requests in video services;”

Change any format of video or audio data to high definition digital content.   (This means all your movie projects can happen.)

“In association with the Monterey County Producers Club (MCPC), Access Monterey Peninsula (AMP), Duplicate Connection and All Party System Co.


Nomination service, professional diplomacy and ranked choice vote (RCV) coaching for the 9th USA Parliament and the International Parliament
By All Party System Co.

Web Page Design and Digital Artwork
By All Party System Co.

Video Production Services By All Party System Co.
–Weekly 1/2 Hour TV Shows
–Three-day Event Projects Both Inside or Outside the USA
—Meetings/One Day Events

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for Non-Profits, Film and Video Transfers to DVD, Cell Phone Messages, Cassettes, Audio Transfer to CD, 8MM, 16MM, Photographs, Cassettes, Mini-DVD, Slides (all mediums of audio and video) Transfer to Disc, 1000 CDs or DVDs for $1500. (Restrictions Apply)
By All Party System Co.

Recycling of Out-dated Audio and Video Equipment By All Party System Co.
Recycling of Aluminum Cans and Plastic Bottles By All Party System Co.
* * *

All Party System Co.’s World Class Coffee, Whole Bean or Ground, Shipped Directly to YOU!

  • One $10.00 3/4 lb. bag of APS Co. French Roast Coffee Whole Bean or Ground, shipped to you, plus postage.
  •  We Customize Orders Too!


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