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150325-00006 Cull+Update User Info

March 25, 2015 in Site Administration Issues

  1. Periodically review the Users in All, Subscribers and Pending user categories.
  2. Cull (remove) any robot-created users in these categories. They have “garbage” (unreadable or very unlikely) usernames, possibly no first or last names or they have garbage (unlikely) first and last names.  Many robot registrations come for Russia and India with domain suffixes: .ru and .in.  But if there are real first and last names entered at registration time, evident in the Pending user record, leave these probably-real users alone and consider (re)performing step 4 below for them.
  3. Change each real user’s missing information:
    • Users without a user-chosen (or moderator-assigned) Forum category, change it to Spectator.
    • Change each real user without a Donor Group membership to Whenever-able Donor.
    • Save these changes and find the next user needing such changes.
  4. Optionally re-notify users in Pending who have not yet activated their accounts.  They were each supposed to do so by clicking on the link in their you-just-registered email they received shortly after the site recorded their new-account request and put their user info in the Pending category of users.

150325-00005 Donate buttons

March 25, 2015 in Site Administration Issues

Review, re-position Donate buttons on some pages. LIST THE PAGES, POSTS HERE

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