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  • 15.03.20, 12:50 PDT: There are now 831 activated Users of the web site, abbreviated here as In general all are called Subscribers or active subscribers.  There also are 301 “pending” users of who registered for a user-account on  They have been notified by email at the day and time when they registered and again on 3/17, 18, and 19.  The latter three notifications were when I, the user screener, had waited at least 3 days from the date in the pending-users list from the date they were last notified by email to activate their accounts.
    Therefore potentially 1132 active subscribers — and online shoppers — will be available as donors, shoppers and/or as volunteers to help manage store operations.  All the robot (web software) registered users, several 100s of them, are removed from the users lists.  User registration and log in challenges to defeat robot registration and logins seem to be working well.

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