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Site Technical News items are listed in LIFO order or last-in, first-out or first-at-top-of-the-list. Dates are in format where yy = the last two digits of a year like 2015, mm = the month of the year (01-12), and dd = the day of the month (01-31).  Time of day which is optional to include after the date is in hh:mm [tzone] format where hh == hour of the day in military time, mm = minute of the hour.  Tzone is the timezone, also optional, and could be for the Pacfic West Coast of the USA either pst or pdt (utc-8 or utc-7).

  • 15.03.20, 13:25 PDT: There are now 831 activated Users of the web site, abbreviated here as There also are 301 “pending” users of who registered for a user-account on  See Site News for a few more details about them.
    There are 50 WordPress plugins installed on, 24 (1/2) of them activated.
    The two activated “captcha” plugins, Captcha Pro (costing $20/year), and the free Blue Captcha seem to be sufficiently confusing for robotic web software that no new unreadable usernames with no readable or realistic first name or last name have registered to be site users for most of the week ending this Friday 3/20/15.

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