International Parliament / e-aps-1-totals

Marked Paper Ballot Totals for Guidelines
Paper Ballots Can Apply to Current Active Geo-level Voting and/or Up to All Six Geo-Levels When Indicated by Voter

Approved Guideline Items
USA Super-state Level from 2021-8-5 to 2022-8-5

1,1,1 Ranked choice voting (RCV): All voting and vote counting shall be in the form of ranked paper ballots only (and digital "eballots" when practical and verifiable).

Consecutive numbers beginning with the #s 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. etc. must always be used when marking on (e)ballot of all names and decision-items. Deviation from this guideline #1 will disqualify the ballot, and the ballot will be marked "SPOILED", separated from the stack of ballots with numerical purity and only the pure stack after being separated from the spoiled ballots are considered democratically legit.
* * *

2,2,2 Elections of names under Pure Proportional Representation (PPR):

The Election of names are only held in multiple-winner election districts of two or more names using limited voting with no exceptions.

Limited voting using "Xs" brings semi-proportional results and limited voting using ranked choice votes (RCV) brings pure proportional representation (PPR).

Limited voting is used where there are fewer votes cast per voter than there are open seats at-large. By using ranked choice voting (RCV) each paper ballot is one whole vote, one-man-per-vote and each uses the single transferable vote (STV).

There are two equations involved that are used for PPR. First is the Hagenbach-Bishoff Method with the Hare or Droop Quotas and the second is the single transferable vote (STV).
* * *

3,3,3 Elections of decision-items and planks under "1Ogle Method":

Many decision-items and planks under 1Ogle Method may be ranked simultaneously to save time and each numeral starting with #1, and each consecutive numeral to follow, represents one whole vote.

Any item attaining 50% plus one vote or more is considered approved "by the team".

Under the 1Ogle Method, ranked choice voting (RCV) is always used, with no exceptions.

There is no STV when using RCV with 1Ogle Method.

In cases of ties, add the sum of all numerals (or "tics"), and the item(s) in the tie with the lowest sum of rankings gets prioritized above items with larger sums of the rankings.
* * *

4,4 The 9th California Super-state Election will be conducted by using paper ballots only, Starting on April 20th 2022 and ending on August 5th 2022.
* * *

5,5 The Unity Platform California will be by votes from elected members of the California Super-state, and all votes cast by the members during their four-year terms, will be factored into the totals as quickly as possible by Vote Counting Ministry of the International Parliament (IP).
* * *

Guideline Items Not Approved

6 Names who ranked paper ballots e-aps-1 for guidelines, e-aps-6 for Unity Platform, e-aps-13 for names, and/or any other correctly marked vote on paper ballot or dues-payer, those names are automatically "elected" with a single #1 tic by the voters as long as it's the first vote on a paper ballot that's ever been marked correctly under guidelines and approved by volunteer vote counters by simple majority vote. Once elected by their own vote the new members may agree to allow that vote count on either one, more than one, up to all six geo-levels.
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USA Pure Proportional Representation (PPR) Electoral College (Est. 1995)

New England (ss1) January
New York (ss2) February
North Atlantic (ss3) March
Mid-Atlantic (ss4) April
SouthEast (ss5) May
South (ss6) June
Great Lakes (ss7) July
MidWest (ss8) August
Texas (ss9) September
SouthWest (ss10) October
California (ss11) November
PacificNW (ss12) December
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International Parliament (Est. 2016)

China #1 (P-1) January
China #2 (P-2) February
India #1 (P-3) March
India #2 (P-4) April
Africa #1 (P-5) May
Africa #2 (P-6) June
America #1 (P-7) July
America #2 (P-8) August
EurAsia and Middle East (P-9) September
Russia (P-10) October
Europe (P-11) November
Asia Pacific (P-12) December
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