Guidelines Paper Ballot #e-aps-31 for 1Libertarian Caucus Guidelines
Guidelines - Blank Paper Ballot #e-aps-31

Guidelines Paper Ballot #e-aps-31 for 1Libertarian Caucus Guidelines
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Both paper ballot or digital ballot can be used. Digital "eballot" must be posted in the Facebook page "1Libertarian Caucus".

Guidelines Paper Ballot #e-aps-31 for 1Libertarian Caucus Guidelines
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Please print out this page for paper ballot, mark with ink and mail to address below.

Do not use X marks. Mark your choice(s) with numbers only.

Put the figure 1 beside your first choice, the figure 2
beside your second choice, the figure 3 beside your third choice,
and so on. Consecutive numbers beginning with the #1 only.

You may rank as many choices as you please.

Do not put the same figure beside more than one choice/name.

Proposed Bylaws and Parliamentary Proceedures of the 1Libertarian Caucus Guidelines - Blank Paper Ballot #e-aps-31
(You may use back side of paper for additional items if needed.)

Mark your rankings
in spaces in left column.

___ _________________________________________ (write in new item)

___ _________________________________________ (write in new item)

___ _________________________________________ (write in new item)


___ Fakertarians' MarchMadness2021 shall last no longer than 11:59 pm on April 1st 2021.

___ All Fakertarians' MarchMadnesses in the future shall last no longer than one year through 11:59 pm on April 1st.

___ All BoDs may serve for one year through 11:59 pm on April 1st 2022.

___ The name of this political entity shall be the 1Libertarian Caucus.

___ Once the (e)ballots are counted on April 2nd 2021 the entity shall remain in effect for one year, and the exact dates are made in perpetual "votes of confidence" on these guidelines/rules, the dates will depend on those votes in these guidelines by elected Directors only.

___ Ranked choice voting (RCV): All voting and vote counting shall be in the form of rank (e)ballots only (and eballots when practical and paper verifiable). Consecutive numbers beginning with the #s 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. etc. must always be used when marking on (e)ballot of all names and decision-items. Deviation from this guideline #6 will disqualify the (e)ballot, and the (e)ballot will be marked "SPOILED", separated from the stack of (e)ballots with numerical purity and only the pure stack after being separated from the spoiled (e)ballots are considered democratically legit.

___ Election of Names Under Pure Proportional Representation (PPR) - The Election of names are only held in multiple-winner election districts of two or more only using limited voting with no exceptions. Limited voting using "Xs" brings semi-proportional results and limited voting using ranked choice votes (RCV) brings pure proportional representation (PPR). Limited voting is used where there are fewer votes cast per voter than there are open seats at-large. By using ranked choice voting (RCV) each paper (e)ballot is one whole vote and one-man-per-vote, each (e)ballot (either paper, audio or digital form) uses the single transferable vote (STV). There are two equations involved that are used for PPR. First is the Hagenbach-Bishoff Method with the Hare or Droop Quotas and the second is the single transferable vote (STV).

___ Elections of Decision-items - Many decision-items may be ranked simultaneously to save time and that's where each numeral starting with #1 is like one whole vote. Any item attaining 50% plus one vote or more is considered approved "by the team". In decision-making items, ranked choice voting (RCV) is always used, with no exceptions. There is no STV when using RCV with decision-items. In cases of ties, we add the sum of all numerals (or "tics"), and the item(s) in a tie with the lowest sum of rankings gets prioritized above items with larger sums of the rankings. This system is known as "1Ogle Method" or "Count the Tics".

___ On April 2nd 2021 after the correct vote totals are approved by the top-ranked name from the (e)ballots, the top-ranked name picks their own title President and/or Chair, or Vice President and/or Vice Chair, or they may make up a new title within the first 48 hours after April 1st, and the choices are subject to change depending on last minute paper (e)ballots arriving by US mail that met the March 31st deadline via post-marked envelope.

___ For one year each consecutively ranked name picks the top title available until all ten executive seats are filled.

___ When an executive seat is open, each Elector may pick the open seat in day-by-day steps that are in the same order corresponding with each of the elected Directors rankings from the April 1st vote count.

___ President (#1-ranked) or Vice President (#2-ranked) have the highest priority in all cases and may pick only by #1 or #2 or visa versa. Should #1 and #2 not pick another title then their name will remain President and Vice President for the full term of the entire assembly entity.

___ Once the titles President and Vice President, as well as Chair, Vice Chair, Deputy Vice Chair, Secretary, Vice Secretary and five Judicial Committee members have been picked, all those who accepted these roles as executives may switch places in cooperation with each other from time to time.

___ President and Vice President titles remain for the full term of the assembly but all ten of the other executives are subject to perpetual "votes of confidence".

___ Directors may change their votes of confidence for the ten executives anytime during their terms, or switch places with each other by mutual agreement, and the volunteer web page designed shall make these updates within seven days the votes are known.

___ Votes of confidence for the five executives will take place, once the guidelines are approved by the biggest plurality of voting Directors using the 1Ogle Method, and the general precedents and guidelines of the International Parliament's guidelines will help set precedents.

___ The object of this 1Libertarians Caucus shall be to elect Libertarians to public office.

___ Resignations and death ends the Director's term. In these cases, the next highest-ranked name based on the original stack of paper (e)ballots cast and kept as proof, automatically elects the next name.

___ The Directors confirm identities by checking with State Voter records when there's a question.

___ "Five-member Judicial Committee" shall be among the ten executive titles that may be picked.

___ The Five-member Judicial Committee shall confirm and certify all voting under these guidelines using pure proportional representation (PPR) for names only and the 1Ogle Method for decision-items only.

___ Motion to change the name of this group to Titanoboa Caucus of the Libertarian Party.
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Signup form for #e-aps-31, please complete all requests (*=required fields), and print very clearly:

*Name ______________________________ (write in)

Political Party ______________________________ (write in)

*State ______________________________ (write in)

*Contact Method #1 (will be made public) ______________________________ (write in)

*Contact Method #2 ______________________________ (write in)

___ Yes, please nominate my name for US Presidential Elector on pure proportional representation (PPR) Electoral College (AKA United Coalition USA, 11th USA Parliament for USA citizens only).

*Signature required.

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Mail marked paper ballot to:
All Party System Co.
1213 C Forest Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

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