Directors' Votes of Confidence "Eballot" #e-aps-32-totals

Marked (E)ballots Totals Cast by Directors (7-5-2021)

1 Anonymous [Anarcho-Capitalist] Candidate for LNC Chair 2022 USA

1 Mary Kae Ivanetich [Republican] 1Libertarian CA, picks Judicial AKA Legal Assistant on 7-4-2024

1 Sam Coppinger (AKA Cop Samminger [Linertarian] 1Libertarian USA (single nominations of names count as #1 vote)
2 James Ogle [One] Picked Judicial Committee on 4-11-2021 Candidate for LNC Vice Chair 2022 USA
3 Geby Espinosa [Libertarian GOO] 1Libertarian 2021
4 Jeff Metrick [Libertarian]
5 Taylor Swift [Democratic]
6 Tyler Smith [Libertarian] Candidate for LNC Secretary 2022 USA
7 Joe Bishop-Henchmen [Libertarian] Candidate for LNC Chair 2022 USA
8 Civet [Libertarian] Radical-1Libertarian Picked Chair 5-17-2021 CA
9 Jacki Perry [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NH
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Mail marked paper ballot to:
All Party System Co.
1213 C Forest Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

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