1Libertarian Caucus Marked "Eballots"

Nominations for Super-state Geo-level
2021-April-1 to 2022-April-1

On approximately October 22nd 2021 (previously marked eballot was on October 5th 2021), Jeremy David [Libertarian], voted in Elmo Fire Caucus of the Libertarian Party Facebook Page with digital vote follows:
1 John Hudak [Libertarian]
* * *

On approximately October 20th 2021, Caitlin Cloven [Libertarian], nominated their own name by SPOILED DIGITAL EBALLOT in Emo Fire Caucus of the Libertarian Party Facebook Page:
1 Caitlin Cloven [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss6
* * *

On approximately October 4th 2021 (updated on 2021-10-20), John Arnold [Libertarian], nominated their own name by digital vote in 1Libertarian Caucus of the Libertarian Party Facebook Page:
Pee Draft Jackie [Libertarian]
Poop Draft James O. Ogle [One]
3 Draft John Arnold [Libertarian]
* * *

On approximately October 13th 2021 (previous October 4th SPOILED DIGITAL EBALLOT deleted), Sully Sullivan [Libertarian], nominated their own name by SPOILED DIGITAL EBALLOT in Emo Fire Caucus of the Libertarian Party Facebook Page:
1 Sully Sullivan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA
* * *

On approximately October 12th 2021, Mathew Perez [Libertarian], nominated their own name by SPOILED DIGITAL EBALLOT in Libertarian1 Caucus of the Libertarian Party Facebook Messenger:
1 Mathew Perez [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss10
* * *

On approximately October 12th 2021, Tyler Smith [Libertarian], nominated their own name by SPOILED DIGITAL EBALLOT in Libertarian1 Caucus of the Libertarian Party Facebook Messenger:
1 Tyler Smith [Libertarian] Radical P7-USA-ss10-9
* * *

On approximately October 12th 2021, Arizona [Libertarian], nominated their own name by SPOILED DIGITAL EBALLOT in Libertarian1 Caucus of the Libertarian Party Facebook Page:
1 Arizona [Libertarian] Radical P7-USA-ss10
* * *

On approximately October 11th 2021, Potter S Stonnes [Info. Not Avail.], nominated their own name by SPOILED DIGITAL EBALLOT in Libertarian1 Caucus of the Libertarian Party Facebook Page:
1 Potter S Stonnes [Info. Not Avail.] P7-USA-ss7
* * *

On approximately October 5th 2021, John Hudak [Libertarian], voted in Elmo Fire Caucus of the Libertarian Party Facebook Page with digital vote follows:
1 James Ogle [One]
* * *

On approximately Sep 6, 2021, 12:24 Yogiraj Arkhel [Info. Not Avail.] yr.arkhel007@gmail.com nominated their name by digital vote:
1 Yogiraj Arkhel [Info. Not Avail.] yr.arkhel007@gmail.com
* * *

Micro-state Geo-level
2020-February-1 to 2021-April-1

On 7-3-2021 Honorable 1Libertarian Caucus Director Jim Doyle nominated by telephone as follows:
1 Geby Eva Espinosa [Libertarian GOO] USA
2 Thomas J. Espinosa [Libertarian GOO] USA
3 Peter Bismark [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Ghana
4 Jim Doyle [Republican]
5 Jana Kelly [Info. Not Avail.]
6 James Ogle [One]
7 Monica Abbot [Info. Not Avail.]
8 Doug Stanhope [Libertarian]
9 Ankil Chowdury [Democratic]
10 Caitlyn Jenner [Republican]
11 Kim Ruff [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA
* * *

Honorable Charles Schaefer voted on 6-16-2021 for 1Libertarian Caucus as follows:
1. Draft Taylor Swift
2. Charles Schaefer
3. Jackie Perry
4. James O. Ogle
5. Titanoboa
6. Arizona
7. Vermin Supreme
8. Marianne Williamson
9. Lady Gaga
10. Jo Jorgensen
11. Daniel Davenport
12. Alex Janakievski
13. Steven Milkowski
14. Mike Shipley
15. Sam Coppinger
* * *

On 6-6-2021 Honorable Geby Espinosa's digital vote recorded by James Ogle from 6-2-2021 as follows:
1 Geby Eva Espinosa [Libertarian GOO] 1Libertarian Asia Pacific-USA-ss11-9
2 Thomas J. Espinosa [Libertarian GOO] 1Libertarian Asia Pacific-USA-ss11-9
3 Dohar McClintock [Libertarian GOO] 1Libertarian Asia Pacific-USA-ss11-9
* * *

Honorable IP Senator Jean Yves Métayer Robbes [New Humanism] metayer.robbes@gmail.com (Candidat à la Présidence de la République Française) 1/28/2021 to 12/31/2022 France voted on 5-28-2021:
1 Dominique Dutilloy [New Humanism] 1Libertarian France-ss1
* * *

Ronnie Henley [Green] for Mayor and TN State Senate votes by telephone on 4/29/2021 as follows:
1 Ronnie Henley [Green]
* * *

James Ogle [One] votes #1 to #1356 by paper eballot #e-aps-33 on 7-30-2021 for 1Libertarian Caucus Directors April 2nd 2021 Through April 1st 2022:
1 Jackie Perry [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NH
2 Heather Collins [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
3 logo IP Senator James Ogle [One], jamesoogle@allpartysystem.com, jamesoogle@gmail.com USA, 5/16/2015 to 5/16/2020
4 Madelyn Hoffman [Green] for Governor of NJ
5 John Arnold [Libertarian] https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100055702975713
6 logo IP Senator Jennifer Naidu [Women Empowerment and Education] 9/8/2020 to 12/31/2022 India
7 Deputy Human Rights Minister Jagdish Lal Gogna [National Human Rights Committee, Chandigarh] https://www.facebook.com/kaddishlal.gogna.9/?show_switched_toast=0&show_podcast_settings=0 India
8 Civet [Libertarian] 1Libertarian (619) 957-3317 USA-ss11-9
9 Shirley Sapp-Davenort [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian GA
10 logo IP Senator Ghadeer Ali Abdullah Hamood [Humanity and Justice] ghadeerhamood7@gmail.com 5/26/2019 to 12/31/2020 Yemen
11 Doug Craig [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
12 logo IP Senator Madam Datin Wan Norazizulbaitie Bt Ds Wan Zulkafli [Info. Not Avail.] 3/13/2017 to 12/31/2018 Earth
13 IP Senator-Europe Jean Yves Métayer Robbes [New Humanism] metayer.robbes@gmail.com (Candidat à la Présidence de la République Française) 1/28/2021 to 12/31/2022 France
14 Theresa Vaughn [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian FL,
15 Jana Kelly [Info. Not Avail.] www.facebook.com/1012294220/posts/10221980472233538/?d=n
16 Debra Paaatriot101 Paulsen [Independent] 1Libertarian FL,
17 IP Senator Deepak Vyes [Earth Federation] globaltrust300@gmail.com 91-9825076107 12/9/2015 India,
18 logo IP Senator Dr. Anthony Fernandes [Republican] India,
19 IP Senator Sharif G. Vamadevan [NWP] sharifgv@gmail.com 6/10/2015 India and United Arab Emirates (UAE)
20 Rev.Dr Alwin Roland [Diplomatic Mission] 1Libertarian India,
21 Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
22 Mohd Taria Zaki [Political] 1Libertarian India,
23 Dr. Abhadesh Sharma [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
24 Linda Losi [Social Capitalist] 1Libertarian FL,
Mike Levinson [Republican / Independent] 1Libertarian FL,
26 Elsa Miriam Grifoni [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
27 Lynn Ann House [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
28 Joann Vaccarino [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
29 Char-Lez Bal Braden [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
30 Suzanne Amy Gilmore [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
31 Daniel Palmer [Libertarian] askalibertarian2020@gmail.com 1Libertarian FL
32 Michelle Suzanne Bryant [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
33 Susan George [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
34 IP Senator Gina Zenzola [Green] for President 1/1/2015 USA
35 logo IP Senator H.E. Dr. Mohamad Al-Ghabra [Info. Not Avail.] 8/23/2019 to 12/31/2019, ID# 1548-2019-8-22-Al-Ghabra Canada
36 Jilletta Jarvis [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss1-2
37 Tyler Cowen [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss1-2
38 Kalish Morrow [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
39 Alicia G Percell [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
40 Elizabeth Brierly [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
41 logo IP Senator Pamela Elizondo [Green] USA
42 logo IP Senator Ludwig Falkenstein [Senator] USA
43 IP Senator Vanessa Davis [Defender of the Republic] 1/1/2015 USA
44 logo IP Senator Bryant Hawkins [Earth Federation] USA
45 logo IP Senator Rana M. Sandlin [Independent] 7/26/2016 to 12/31/2019 USA
46 IP Senator Keeng Troyius Turner [Independent] 2/6/2014 Canada
47 logo IP Senator Kwan Tera [One] Canada
48 Tracy L DuPrez [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
49 Mary Therese Gingell [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
50 Jane Heider [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
51 Tom Howe [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Senator-Elector NC,
52 Michael Curtis Munger [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Senator-Elector NC,
53 Scott Andrew Lauzon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
54 Douglas Scott Adams [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
55 Roger Wrights [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
56 David Lawrence Kitzmiller [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
57 Thomas Clay Rose [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
58 Christopher Dooley [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
59 Irving Blair Welchons III [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
60 David D. Heosly [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
61 IP Senator Queen Patrenia Turner [Independent] 2/6/2014 Canada
62 logo IP Senator James LeSage [Humanitarian] USA
63 IP Senator Linda Good Mcgilles [Earth Federation] icur2ys4us@yahoo.com 11/14/2015 USA
64 logo IP Senator Antonio Costa de Albuquerque de Sousa Lara [Independent] c/o armando.jer@gmail.com 4/6/2021 to 12/31/2022 Lesotho and Portugal
65 IP Senator Amy Winter [Independent] 11/13/2015 USA
66 logo IP Senator Germaine Stewart [Liberal] USA
67 IP Senator-USA Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] 1/1/2015 1Libertarian MD
68 IP Senator Allen McKinney [Peace on Earth] USA
69 IP Senator Karen Cantrell [Libertarian] 10/10/2015 USA
70 IP Senator Jasbir Singh [Martial Arts Ministry] 10/11/2015 USA
71 Robert Barron [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Senator-Elector DC,
72 John Vought LaBeaume [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Senator-Elector DC,
73 Bruce Majors 1Libertarian DC,
74 Chuck Boust [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
75 Edward T. Clifford [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
76 Robert Dages [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
77 Karla A. Felty [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
78 Shawn M. Felty [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
79 Henry E. Haller III [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
80 Shawn P. House [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
81 IP Senator Roy J. Kendall [Democratic] royjkendall@hotmail.com 3/6/2020 to 12/31/2021 USA
82 IP Senator Tony Jones [Cool Moose] 5/20/2015 tonyjonesinri@gmail.com USA
83 IP Senator Lloyd David Lieberman [One] 7/21/2017 to 12/31/2018 USA
84 logo IP Senator Amb Kimicoh Kimico [Global Ambassador of World Peace] 5/8/2017 to 12/31/2018 USA
85 IP Senator Michael Walton [Info. Not Avail.] 2/17/2016 waltonmtate@aol.com USA
86 IP Senator Dewayne Watkins [Republican] 12/21/2015 USA
87 IP Senator Daniel J. Nadenicek [Earth Federation] batin73@yahoo.com 12/9/2015 USA
88 IP Senator Martin Cardenas [Earth Federation] luxblue1@gmail.com 11/27/2015 USA
90 IP Senator Alex Jones [Libertarian] 1/1/2015 USA
91 Sandra Sumiko Mood [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
92 Joe David Gotta [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
93 Juanita A. Walton Billings [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Senator-Elector-VA,
94 Dick F. Potthoff [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
95 Donna L. Grebas [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Senator-Elector-VA,
96 Ray Ubinger [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
97 Gina Clare Towey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
98 Michael Carmany [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NC,
99 M. Anne Panella [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
100 Jeffrey L. Dimit [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Senator-Elector SC,
101 IP Senator Danny (Dan) Woodring [Independent] 1/1/2015 USA,
102 IP Senator Rhett Smith [Libertarian] 1/1/2015 USA,
103 IP Senator Gary Johnson [Libertarian] 1/1/2015 USA,
105 IP Senator Jim Duensing [Boston Tea] 1/1/2015 USA,
106 IP Senator Stewart Alexander [Peace & Freedom] 1/1/2015 USA,
107 IP Senator Carl Person [Libertarian] 1/1/2015 USA,
108 IP Senator Sam Sloan [Libertarian] samhsloan@gmail.com 1/1/2015 USA-ss2 and ss11
109 IP Senator David L Wetzell [LT Party Movement] 1/1/2015 USA,
110 IP Senator Robby Wells [Democratic] 1/1/2015 USA
111 David Jahn [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
112 John Karr [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
113 Ken V. Krawchuk [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
114 Roy A. Minet [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
115 Edward D. Reagan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
116 Steve Scheetz [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
117 Matthew C. Schutter [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
118 Richard Schwarz [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
119 William M. Sloane [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
120 Theodore A. Sommes III [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
121 IP Senator J.R. Myers [Life and Liberty] 1/1/2015 USA John Richard Myers [Life & Liberty] jr@johnrichardmyers.com MT
122 IP Senator Luiz Fernando C.R.M. Botelho [Earth Federation] lfcrmbotelho@hotmail.com 11/16/2015 Brazil
123 IP Senator HMRI Emperor Prof General Doctor Javier Otto Jorge Gold Ferrari PhD D.D [New Empire Roman Fourth Roma] 4/30/2015 Peru
124 IP Senator Julie Bottoms [Humanities] 6/23/2015 julie160@live.co.uk Earth
125 logo IP Senator Madam Datin Wan Norazizulbaitie Bt Ds Wan Zulkafli [Info. Not Avail.] 3/13/2017 to 12/31/2018 Earth
126 Chuck Fields [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Senator-Elector SC,
127 Victor Kocher [Libertarian] 1Libertarian SC,
128 Travis McCurry [Libertarian] 1Libertarian SC,
128 Laird Minor [Libertarian] 1Libertarian SC,
130 David Morris [Libertarian] 1Libertarian SC,
131 Heath Patterson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian SC,
132 William Jonathan Tisdale [Libertarian] 1Libertarian SC,
133 Alvin Scott Bandy [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
134 Sanford Brotman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
135 Constance Hannigan-Franck [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
136 logo IP Senator Frank-Michael Hensel [NWP] secretary.general.intparlament@gmail.com 5/11/2015 to 5/11/2025 Germany
137 IP Senator Annette Wolters [Humanitarian Organization] 2/26/2016 Germany
138 logo IP Senator Jurgen Paul Otto [Ambassador] Germany
139 IP Senator Ramona Kruck [Humanitarian Organization] 6/1/2015 Germany,
140 logo IP Senator H.H. Prinz Prof. Dr. Johann Feikes [Democratic People] Germany
141 IP Senator Evelyn Ermisch [Humanitarian Organization] 6/1/2015 Germany
142 IP Senator Lothar Krug [Humanitarian Organization] 2/26/2016 Germany
143 IP Senator Annemarie Verma Heiland [Earth Federation] 11/25/2015 annemarievermaheiland@gmail.com Australia and Germany,
144 IP Senator Johannes Merten [Humanitarian Organization] 2/26/2016 Germany
145 logo IP Senator Turkan Ergor [Peace] tur35kan@hotmail.com 6/21/2017 to 12/31/2020 Turkey
146 Brian A Hiner [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
147 James J. St. John [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
148 James W. Lark, III [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
149 Gregory Ivan Lloyd [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
150 William B. Redpath [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
151 David W. Saum [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
152 Robert F. Shuford, Jr. [Libertarian] 1Libertarian VA,
153 Sarah Manski [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
154 Cheri Honkala [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
155 Larry Carter Center [Green Blue Unity] 1 Libertarian SC,
156 logo IP Senator-Europe H.E. Mosharaf Chowdhury [Independent] 7/27/2017 to 12/31/2018 Ireland
157 logo IP Senator-Europe Rudolf Nikolic [Republican] 3/17/2017 to 12/31/2018 Serbia
158 IP Senator Alberto Gomez Fuertes [Independent] 5/27/2015 ambassador.spain@gmail.com Spain,
159 logo IP Senator-Europe Armando da Costa Jeronimo [Independent] armando.jer@gmail.com 10/1/2017 to 12/31/2022 Spain and Portugal
160 IP Senator Andrew von Berg [Info. Not Avail.] ambpaterson@gmail.com 11/18/2015 UK,
161 IP Senator Colonel Simon J. Wilce [Info. Not Avail.] simwilco@gmail.com 5/28/2015 UK,
162 logo IP Senator Dr. Buck Rogers [Conservative] buck090262@hotmail.com 4/26/2015 to 12/31/2035 UK,
163 logo IP Senator Ivon Ramzi [Info. Not Avail.] ivonramzi@hotmail.com 4/7/2016 to 12/31/2021 Italy,
164 logo IP Senator Laura Frustaci [Info. Not Avail.] laufrustaci@gmail.com 4/3/2016 to 12/31/2021 Italy,
165 IP Senator Tersilio Benedetti [Parliamento Mondiale] 3/12/2016 presidenzanobili@libero.it Italy
166 IP Senator Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino di Torre Spagnola [Info. Not Avail.] 6/29/2015 Italy,
167 logo IP Senator Oroba Raheem Yakoob [Women's Rights and Justice] Malta
168 logo Amal Abdallah Harb Hussein [Info. Not Avail.] 7/25/2019 to 12/31/20220 Jordan,
169 logo Dr. Haitham Durbie [Humanity] Lebanon,
170 logo Ambassador Ali Akil Khalil [Human Rights] info@universalhumanright.com, akil.khalil@icloud.com, 7/25/2019 to 12/31/2020 Lebanon,
171 Nicholas Sullivan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
172 Elizabeth C. Summers [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
173 Alan Yottey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
174 Andrew Brown [Libertarian] 5-5-2021 1Libertarian Senator-Elector NJ,
175 Brenda Faith Bell [Libertarian] 5-5-2021 1Libertarian Senator-Elector NJ,
176 Dan Delaney [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
177 Richard Edgar [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
178 Paula Forte [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
179 Kenneth R. Kaplan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
180 Patrick J. McKnight [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
181 logo Mohamad Cheaib [Info. Not Avail.] 7/25/2019 to 12/31/2020 Lebanon,
182 logo Dr. Hilal Medawar PhD [Info. Not Avail.] 2/12/2017 to 12/31/2018 Lebanon,
183 logo Ambassador Dr. Sayed Salim Al Sous [Peace, Grand Master Freemason] 3/7/2017 to 12/31/2018 Lebanon,
184 logo Fawzi Bitar [Humanity] 10/13/2017 to 12/31/2018 Lebanon,
185 IP Senator Dato' Seri Prof. Dr.hc. Muhammad Harith Bin Abdullah, Ph.D [Info. Not Avail.] 10/23/2015 Malaysia,
186 IP Senator Ali Sodikin Bin Samah [Info. Not Avail.] 10/9/2015 Malaysia,
187 logo IP Senator Prince Marshal Royal Ambassador Dato Seri Mahkota Dr. Bahman Mehrpour Sheijani [Info. Not Avail.] 3/5/2017 to 12/31/2018 Malaysia, Philippines and UAE,
188 logo IP Senator Hassan Abdrabu [Independent] Palestine,
189 IP Senator Abdur Rehman Hafeez [Independent] 10/13/2015 Pakistan,
190 logo IP Senator HRH Datuan Rajo Dr. Khadim Hussain Dahot [International Diplomacy] Pakistan,
191 IP Senator Ravishankar N S [Independent] nsravishankar37@gmail.com, nsravi47@rediffmail.com India,
192 IP Senator Mohammad Sameer Hasan [Info. Not Avail.] hasansam13@gmail.com India,
193 Scot Olewine [Republican - Green Energy] 1Libertarian FL,
194 Michelle Suzanne Bryant [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
195 Susan George [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
196 Elsa Miriam Grifoni [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
197 Lynn Ann House [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
198 Joann Vaccarino [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
199 Char-Lez Bal Braden [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
200 Suzanne Amy Gilmore [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
201 logo IP Senator Abdulrahman Seleh Al Shaybi [Info. Not Avail.] 7/25/2019 to 12/31/2020 ID# 1544-2019-7-25-Shaybi Saudi Arabia,
202 logo IP Senator Rafeel S. Ahamed [Info. Not Avail.] 5/3/2017 to 12/31/2018 Sri Lanka,
203 logo IP Senator Yahya AlJamil [Info. Not Avail.] 7/25/2019 to 12/31/20220 Syria,
204 IP Senator Yasin Arslan [Democratic] Turkey,
205 logo Dr. May Khalil Mrad [PHD Journalism and Press Media] 2/27/2017 to 12/31/2018 Lebanon,
206 IP Senator Ajmal Kahn [Independent] ajmal23afg@yahoo.com 4/29/2021 Afghanistan,
207 IP Senator Dr. Tony Sunil Verma [Earth Federation] 11/7/2015 Australia,
208 IP Senator Anand Verma [Earth Federation] 11/16/2015 Australia,
209 logo IP Senator-Asia Pacific Michael Krejany [Freedom, Equity, and Justice] michael.krejany@gmail.com 6/16/2019 to 12/31/2020 Australia,
210 Dr. Datu Sheikh Mohammad Saleem [General] 1Libertarian India,
211 Jitendra Patil [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
212 Dilip Rane [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
213 Anita Singh [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
214 Dr aparna Joshi [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
215 Rajkumar Singh Thakur [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
216 Umakant Upadhyay [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
217 Ashish Naik [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
218 Sandeep Manjrekar [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
219 Capt. Aldrin Fernandes [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
220 Vijay Patil [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
221 V.P Ramaiah [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
222 Manmohan Suvarna [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
223 Clearence D'souza [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
224 Dr Nishant Rattanpal [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
225 Gurumoorthy N [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
226 Omprakash Sharma [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
227 Dr Amrishbhai Bhatt [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
228 Dayanidhi Rajput [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
229 Amit Katkar [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
230 Banshider Sahu [Not] 1Libertarian India,
231 Ralph Beach [One] 1 Libertarian SC,
232 John Buchanan [Citizen Candidate] 1Libertarian FL,
233 C.J. Smith [Pot] 1Libertarian FL,
234 Russ Laundry [No Illegal Alien] 1Libertarian FL,
235 Jason Rogoski [Whig] 1Libertarian FL,
236 Robert Richie [Constitution] 1Libertarian FL,
238 Patrick Swarts [Roseannearchist] 1Libertarian FL,
239 Michael Fox [Independent] 1Libertarian FL,
240 Milton Kowinowski [Independent] 1Libertarian FL,
241 Rachel McMann [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian FL,
242 Gregg Jocoy [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
243 Sue Edward [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
244 Ben Manski [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
245 Dr Jill Stein [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
246 Carey Campbell [Green] 1 Libertarian SC, Carey Campbell [Independent Green]
247 Daisy Deadhead [Green Libertarian] 1 Libertarian SC,
248 George Friday [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
249 Terri Lee [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
250 Naomi Klein [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
251 Gina Zenola [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
252 Donna DeWitt [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
253 Rose Marie Parsons [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
254 Bernie Buckley [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
255 Leslie Minerd [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
256 Thom Taylor [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
257 Ruth Center [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
258 Chris Hedges [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
259 Marcia Everett [Green Party USA] mle62mle62@gmail.com USA-ss5
260 David Gillespie [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
261 Daisy Deadhead [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
262 Gregg Jocoy [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
263 Jeanne van den Hurk [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
264 Nammu Mohammed [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
265 Samantha Schneider [Green Tea] 1 Libertarian SC,
266 Eugene Platt [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
267 Jessica Cruz [Green Tea] 1 Libertarian SC,
268 Paul Platt [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
269 David Cobb [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
270 Dave Seeman [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
271 Max Wendroff [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
272 Becci Robbins [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
273 Brett Bursey [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
274 Steven Perry [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
275 Jeff Sharlett [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
276 Jesse Johnson [Mountain Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
277 Gail for Rail Parker [Independent Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
278 Dennis Hanson [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
279 Janet Murphy [Independent Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
280 Roy Calloway [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
281 David Matos [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
282 Wade Fulmer [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
283 O'Neal Compton [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
284 Daniel O'Neal [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
285 Kevin Alexander Gray [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
286 John Ruoff [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
287 Darrow Center [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
288 Dante Swinton [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
289 Jackson Hamilton [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
290 Blue [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
291 Dave Crossley [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
292 David Mecklenburg [Green Tea] 1 Libertarian SC,
293 Ryan McGarrigle [Green-Tea] 1 Libertarian SC,
294 Skyler Hodell [Independent/Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
295 Brandon Trent [Independent Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
296 Joseph P. Oddo [Independent Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
297 J. Ron Fisher [Independent Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
298 George R. "Tex" Wood [Independent Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
299 Jeremy Good [Independent Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
300 Theresa Klapperich [Green] 1 Libertarian SC,
301 Lissa [For] 1 Libertarian SC 1 Libertarian SC 1 Libertarian SC,
302 Mark Smith [Commonwealth] 1 Libertarian SC,
303 Aaron Lyles [Constitution] 1 Libertarian SC,
304 Gerald Reynolds [Disability Advocate] 1 Libertarian SC,
305 Thomas Hill [Free Will] 1 Libertarian SC,
306 Dylan Robson [Free Parliamentary] 1 Libertarian SC,
307 Christopher Kron [Labor] 1 Libertarian SC,
308 Alex Adams [Legalize Marijuana] 1 Libertarian SC,
309 Cornelius F. Brantley Jr. [Multi-Party USA] 1 Libertarian SC,
310 David Charles [Socialist] 1 Libertarian SC,
311 Harry Bertram [Third Position] 1 Libertarian SC,
312 Bobert Nagan [Wiccan Free Liberal] 1 Libertarian SC,
313 Rhett Smith [Libertarian] 1 Libertarian SC,
314 Stephen Smith [Libertarian] 1 Libertarian SC,
315 David Morris [Libertarian] 1 Libertarian SC,
316 Richard A. Weir [Libertarian Socialist] 1 Libertarian SC,
317 Stuart Flood [Libertarian] 1 Libertarian SC,
318 Mel Matze [Libertarian] 1 Libertarian SC,
319 Elizabeth Colbert-Busch [Democratic] 1 Libertarian SC,
320 Weed Killer [Democratic] 1 Libertarian SC 1 Libertarian SC,
321 Dennis Kucinich [Democratic] 1 Libertarian SC,
322 Joseph P. Riley, Jr. [Democratic] 1 Libertarian SC,
323 Rosemarie Parsons [Independent Democrat] 1 Libertarian SC,
324 Jennifer Foster [Independent] 1 Libertarian SC,
325 Julie Merwine [Independent] 1 Libertarian SC,
326 Mare Adams [Independent] 1 Libertarian SC,
327 Ralph Nader [Independent] 1 Libertarian SC,
328 Cynthia McKinney [Peace & Freedom] 1 Libertarian SC,
329 Cindy Sheehan [Peace & Freedom] 1 Libertarian SC,
330 Russell Lajoie [Peace] 1 Libertarian SC,
331 Stewart Alexander [Peace & Freedom] 1 Libertarian SC,
332 Mary Arnold [Info. Not Avail.] 1 Libertarian SC,
333 Christina Leigh [Info. Not Avail.] 1 Libertarian SC,
334 Karen Hammett [Info. Not Avail.] 1 Libertarian SC,
335 Joe [Info. Not Avail.] 1 Libertarian SC,
336 Daniel Roy Barnett [Pot] 1 Libertarian SC,
337 Pot_Homie996 [Pot] 1 Libertarian SC,
338 Zabie Sharify [Pot] 1 Libertarian SC,
339 Anonymous [Pot] 1 Libertarian SC,
340 Matt Lemmons [United Socialism] 1 Libertarian SC,
341 Rhys Scarlett [United Socialism] 1 Libertarian SC,
342 Teddy Turner [Republican] 1 Libertarian SC,
343 Chip Limehouse [Republican] 1 Libertarian SC 1 Libertarian SC,
344 logo IP Senator Michel Tia [NWP] 12/30/2016 to 12/30/2018 Ivory Coast
345 IP Senator Purohit Mukund [Independent] mukundp41@yahoo.co.in India
346 Faye Houston [Democrat] 1Libertarian DC,
347 Mary Zimmerman [Democratic] 1Libertarian DC,
348 Mbah Daniel [Democrat-Republican] 1Libertarian DC,
349 Loretta Lax Miller [Democrat] 1Libertarian DC,
350 Jessica Kenley [Democratic] 1Libertarian DC,
351 Random Dude [Pot] 1Libertarian DC,
352 Eddie Bowers [Pot] 1Libertarian DC,
353 David Seachrist [Pot] 1Libertarian DC,
354 Marcus Pearson [Pot] 1Libertarian DC,
355 Nate Wien [Pot] 1Libertarian DC,
356 Chronicisjoy0075995 [Pot] 1Libertarian DC,
357 Robert Creager [Libertarian] 1Libertarian DC,
358 Sarah Blakey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian DC,
359 Tony D'Orazio [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NY,
360 Jerry "Jed" Siple [Libertarian] 1Libertarian DC,
361 Tom McCall [Libertarian] 1Libertarian DC,
362 Lori Parry [Green Tea] 1Libertarian DC,
363 Cherish Prieditis [Anarchist] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
364 Ed Hertzog [Digital Anarchist] 1Libertarian DC,
365 Angela Keaton [Ordinary Anarchist] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
366 Linda Ann Hinkle [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
367 Richard Louis Carter [Anarchist] 1Libertarian DC,
368 Ted Weber [Green] 1Libertarian DC,
369 Paul Glover [Green] 1Libertarian DC,
370 Daniel Vovak [Republican] 1Libertarian DC,
371 Ryan Baily [Bullmoose Republican] 1Libertarian DC,
372 Robert "Jeffrey" Schundler [Republican] 1Libertarian DC,
373 Michael Straw [Republican] 1Libertarian DC,
374 Brian Billings [Republican] 1Libertarian DC,
375 Thad Hartl [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian DC,
376 Kelly Tome [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian DC,
377 Demetrius Perry [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian DC,
378 Nicole Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] 1Libertarian DC,
379 Barry Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] 1Libertarian DC,
380 Virginia Smith [Green] 1Libertarian DC,
381 Karen Jennings [Green] 1Libertarian DC,
382 Sandra L Kallander [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
383 Gail K Lightfoot [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
384 Avens E O'Brien [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
385 Jillian Michele Olsen [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
386 Tara Young [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
387 Susan L Aquino [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
388 Herbert G. Peters [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
389 Alison Hartson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
390 Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
391 Malia Cohen [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
392 PRAVDA McCrosky [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
393 Richard "Bill" E. Bailey [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
394 Mike Stanley [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
395 Mable Kovach [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
396 Markham Burton [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
397 Robert Griffis [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
398 Tammy Blair [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
399 Dr. Richard Gorrara [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
400 Betty T. Yee [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
401 Dianne Feinstein [Democratic]1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
402 Douglas Howard Pierce [Democratic]1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
403 Mahmood Asif [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
404 Dave Jones [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
405 Delaine Eastin [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
406 Marty Walters [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
407 Akinyemi Agbede [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
408 J. Bribiesca [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
409 Gavin Newsom [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
410 Cameron Gharabiklou [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
411 Jeff Bleich [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
412 Ed Hernandez [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
413 Alex Padilla [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
414 Ruben Major [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
415 Amanda Renteria [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
416 Michael Shellenberger [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
417 Mary Helen Barro [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
418 Joseph "Joe" Shammas [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
419 Suzi Park Leggett [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
420 Tim Gildersleeve [Christocratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
421 Mohammed Hasheem [World Free Parliamentary] 1Libertarian India,
422 Leo Christy [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
423 William F. Sihr, IV [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
424 James V. Tosone, Jr. [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
425 Frank F. Warren, Jr. [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
426 Timothy F. O'Brien [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
427 Brian Pizza [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
428 Adam V. Puff [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
429 Peter J. Rohrman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
430 Teak [American Labor] 1Libertarian DC,
431 Rushrock63 [Smoker] 1Libertarian DC,
432 Amber Emmertz [Legalize Marijuana] 1Libertarian DC,
433 Bill [Stuff] 1Libertarian DC,
434 Scott Spinucci [Hot Cocoa] 1Libertarian DC,
435 Charles Kramer [Eco-Socialist] 1Libertarian DC,
436 Desiree Pathos [anti-Penis] 1Libertarian DC,
437 Stephanie Meyer [Roseanne Barr] 1Libertarian DC,
438 Asa Gordon [DC Statehood] 1Libertarian DC,
439 Joey Montez [Independent] 1Libertarian DC,
440 Steven [Independent] 1Libertarian DC,
441 Foever [Me] 1Libertarian DC,
442 Tino Rozzo [American Labor] 1Libertarian DC,
443 Joan Briscoe [Independent] 1Libertarian DC,
444 Joe Briscoe [Independent] 1Libertarian DC,
445 Lisa [Independent] 1Libertarian DC,
446 Tony Briscoe [Independent] 1Libertarian DC,
447 Kimberly Richardson [Independent] 1Libertarian DC,
448 Dorothy Henderson [Independent] 1Libertarian DC,
449 Merlin Harper [JacobinTrotsky] 1Libertarian DC,
500 Shamal [Independent] 1Libertarian DC,
501 Rob Levin [Democratic/Marijuana] 1Libertarian DC,
502 Martha Crabill [Democratic] 1Libertarian DC,
503 Bill Bradley [Democrat] 1Libertarian DC,
504 Tipper Gore [Democratic] 1Libertarian DC,
505 Wayne Turner [AIDS Cure] 1Libertarian DC,
506 Bob Bongen [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian DC,
507 Czar of Spain [Nationalist] 1Libertarian DC,
508 Anna Marie Morris [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
509 Pierre Crevaux [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
510 Jessica L. Mears [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
511 Zachary Phillip Garretson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
512 Shane W. George [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
513 Lawrence Gilbert Gough [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
514 Ronald B Rollins [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
515 Matthew Daniel Hasty [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
516 Clarence Anthony Sellers [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
517 Charles R. House [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
518 John Richard Thompson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
519 Donnie W. Torok, Jr. [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
520 George Lebovitz [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
521 Michael A. Vaccarino [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
522 George Robert Whitfield [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
523 John Russell Wood [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
524 James C. Morris [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
525 Gabriel Jude Wozniak [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
526 Omar E. Recuero [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
527 Bethanie Najmy [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL,
528 Jam3/ H. Ogle 3rd [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL,
529 Jong-pil Park [Democratic] 1Libertarian FL,
530 Gino Joubert [Commonwealth] 1Libertarian FL,
531 Rob Elliott [Independent] 1Libertarian FL,
532 Carl T. Wilkinson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL,
533 Josh Ondich [Conservative Populist] 1Libertarian FL,
534 Tim Mason [Green] 1Libertarian FL,
535 S.M.Basford [Republican] 1Libertarian FL,
536 Eric Stevenson [Pizza] 1Libertarian FL,
537 Angelus Grim [Green] 1Libertarian FL,
538 Shawn Doran [Green] 1Libertarian FL,
539 L. Jermaine Covington [Green] 1Libertarian FL,
540 Andrew Young [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian FL,
541 Hovhannes [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian FL,
542 Bubba the Love Sponge [Republican] 1Libertarian FL,
543 Peter Joseph Blome [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
544 Richard Alan Creamer [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
545 Robert August Enright, III [Libertarian] 1Libertarian FL
546 Tylor Smith [Libertarian] Candidate for LNC Secrtary 2022 1Libertarian USA
547 James P. Gray [Libertarian] jamespgray@sbcglobal.net CA
548 Siyabonga Muzikayise Mnguni [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian South Africa
550 George Morrison [Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
552 Wendy [Unsure] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
553 Parker G. Ward [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
554 Rene Jean [Free Parliamentary] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
555 Ava Flamish [Libertarian] 1GeoLibertarian aflamish89@gmail.com USA-ss5
556 Anilise Stewart [I Follow Who I Believe In] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
557 Jim Spahr [Comedy Central] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
558 Celisa Godwin [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
559 Tanya Green [Socialism] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
560 Suzanne Gallaway [none in particular] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
561 Herne Webber [Anarchic Green Socialist] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
562 Sam Hopkins [libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
563 William Lee Mayers [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
564 Thorn [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
565 Steven C. Dobbs [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
566 Robert Davenport [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
567 Lucy Star [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
568 James [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
569 Lisa Landis [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
570 Gretchen [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
571 Janet Gatliff [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
572 John Descoteaux [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
573 Cleta Kitts [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
574 Kirk Joseph [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
575 Josh Sasser [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
576 David Bell [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
577 Millich Person [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
578 Jacqueline M. Coble [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
579 Alexander S. Wilkening [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
580 Candy Sue Bellins [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
581 Krissy Woods [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
582 Shurendly Maduro [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
583 Paul Hatch [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
584 Mayeye [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
585 Dorothy Collins [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
586 CR Carter [Libertarian/Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
587 Mitchell Clay [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-AK
588 William Brackeen [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-AK
589 Melissa Woodall [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-AK
590 Judy Bowers [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-AK
591 Michael Pakko [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-AK
592 James Woodall [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-AK
593 David M. Capano [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-KY
594 Christopher M. Robinson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-KY
595 Christine Kendrick [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-KY
596 Christopher Wiest [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-KY
597 Joshua Brothington [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-KY
598 Johakele Sweeney [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-KY
599 Deardra Sweeney [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-KY
600 Bryan S. Short [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-KY
601 Elizabeth Barnes [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MS
602 Danny Bedwell [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MS
603 Regina Brim [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MS
604 Denise Cranford [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MS
605 Boyd Kendall [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MS
606 Jeff Mortenson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MS
607 Julie AC Stone [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MO
608 Raymond A. Harbert [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MO
609 Gregory J. Arrigo [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MO
610 Benjamin Charles Johnson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MO
611 Ronald E. Bream [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MO
612 Richard D. Reynolds [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MO
613 William Boone [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MO
614 Richard J. Vandeven II [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MO
615 Eric Stephen Harris [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MO
616 Randall Langkraehr [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-MO
617 Thomas C. Arnold [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
618 Jr. Joshua James [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
619 Edward D. Marsh [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
620 John Polk III [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
621 Caleb Rowe [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
622 Michael D. Salyer [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
623 Heather L Scott [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
624 Paul L. Teague [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
625 James L. Tomasik [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
626 Stephen A. Trinward [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
627 Mark R. White [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-TN
628 James Poulin [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ME-CD1
629 William Sampson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ME-CD2
630 Brian Genthner [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ME
631 Dawn Madore-Bourgoin [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ME
632 Brian Chabot [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-NH
633 Brian McQuade [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-NH
634 Tania Butler [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-NH
635 Brian Shields [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-NH
636 John M. Fennessy [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-RI
637 Patrick F. Ford [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-RI
638 Jeremy Kauffman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-NH
639 Michael Paul Rinaldi [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-RI
640 Jeremy Ryan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-VT
641 Heavenly Ryan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-VT
642 Paul Washburn [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-VT
643 Elizabeth Rozicki [Flying Saucer] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
644 James G. Mason [Justice] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
645 Madison Samson [Non-Party] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
646 Michael Merola [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
647 John Dvorak [Hemp] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
648 Victoria Quest [Reform] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
649 Dylan Michael Wicks [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
650 Wendy Tischler [Pansexual Peace] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
651 Voter Regime [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
652 Elliott Cutler [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
653 Mark Linn [Kids] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
654 PF Soto [Election Boycotter] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
655 Stuart A. Snyder [Libertarian Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
656 Nate Marini [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
657 Anne Kissel [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
658 Finvek [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
659 Max Abramson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
660 Mike Rollins [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
661 Adena Wilcox [Info. Not Avail] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
662 Jorge Gonzales [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
663 Dennis Hubbard [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
664 Abe Torkelton [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
665 Joe Commings [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
666 Joshua Colwell [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
667 George Plumb [Green and Vermont Progressive] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
668 Benjamin Meiklejohn [Green Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
669 Patrick Sullivan [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
670 Adam M. Rodriguez [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
671 Gerald E. Sykes [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
672 Mitt Romney [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
673 A. Avi Snyder [Labor] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
674 Ian MacPherson [Labor National] 1Libertarian USA-ss1
675 Mark N. Axinn [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
676 Jeffrey T. Russell [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
677 Richard A. Cooper [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
678 Roger J. Cooper [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
679 Pamela Connolly Tangredi [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
680 John Clifton [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
681 Steven G.T. Becker [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
682 Shawna L. Cole [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
683 Hesham El-Meligy [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
684 Mark E. Glogowski [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
685 Andrew Martin Kolstee [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
686 William P. McMillen [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
687 Gary S. Popkin [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
688 Andrew Rogers [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
689 Robert N. Power, III [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
690 Alton Yee [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
691 Robert E. Schuon, Jr. [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
692 Brian Waddell [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
693 Christian Padgett [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
694 Kevin Wilson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
695 Erik Bell [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
696 Harold W. Barnett, Jr. [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
697 Arthur Rosen [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
698 Edward Garrett [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
699 Shawn Hannon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
700 Matthew Mahler [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
701 Charles Miller [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
702 Mark Potwora [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
703 James Rosenbeck [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
704 Juan T. Morel [Non-Party] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
705 Gogh [Gogh] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
706 Spoch Amesorte [Marijuana] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
707 Madonna [Icon] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
708 Michael Villanova [Progressive Socialist] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
709 John Liquori [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
710 Zevin X. Crux [S3K] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
711 William Michael Bryk [Monarchist] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
712 Mort Amsel [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
713 BlackRoseAlison [Libertarian Socialist] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
714 Beth Ostrosky [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
715 Howard Stern [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
716 Gregory Koch [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
717 Louis Binetti [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
718 John Carter [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
719 William Cerf [Green, Modern Whig] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
720 Colia Clark [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
721 Lawrence Durfey [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
722 Robert N. Davis [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
723 Alexander "Sasha" Ivanoff [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
724 Marsha Williams [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
725 Chelsea Tatum [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
726 Violet Jergensen [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
727 King Shabazz [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
728 Uranchimeg [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
729 Josue Kyle Aceves [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
730 Vincent Agostino [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
731 Dutch Bart [Mitt Romney Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
732 Dave Holland [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
733 Robin Quivers [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
734 Yalsin Arslan [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
735 Brian Carroll [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
736 Dank Treess [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss2
737 Desmond Silveira [Solidarity] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
738 Rhys Scarlett [United Socialism] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
739 Eric Thorson [We Like Women] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
740 Alan Reynolds [Whig/Reform/Justice] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
741 Allen McKinney [Woodstock] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
742 BJ Jordan [Dallas Cowboys] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
743 Hal Ginsberg [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
744 Ross Frankel [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9 Pamela Elizondo [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9 Craig Peterson [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
745 Ellenore Nelson [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
746 Laura Wells [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
747 Honor Michelle Robson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
748 Virgil Hales [Green-Pot-Christ] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
749 John Gilchrist Escalona [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
750 Forrest Hill [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
751 Mehul M. Thakker [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
752 Joseph Rogers [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
753 Thomas Leavitt [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
754 Erik Rydberg [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
755 Jason Kishineff [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
756 Josh Jones [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
757 Michael Feinstein [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
758 Robert Christian "Chris" Richardson [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
759 C. Michael Ward [Green Roseannearchist] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
760 Dee Benedict [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
761 Danielle St. John [Green] 1Libertarian www.readytovomit.com USA-ss11-9
762 Bouhlod Khembisai [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
763 Jesse Waterman [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
764 James May [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
765 Robert S. [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
766 Ezekial Mitchel [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
767 Mark Rodrigues [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
768 Adam Meed [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
769 Phil Zek [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
770 Chuck John [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
771 Adam Morgan [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
772 Josh Nickson [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
773 Evan Santos [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
774 Kyle Kirby [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
775 Jason Maya [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
776 Brad Orand [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
777 Brent Nevile [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
778 Kurt Brown [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
779 Junior Stevenson [Pothead] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
780 Alex Haser [Pothead] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
781 Steve Stokes [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
782 Loris Scagliarini [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
783 Karen Lee Schatzle [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
784 Joe Leicht [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
785 James Hinton [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
786 David Frey [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
787 Alvin Hanson [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
788 Victoria Peterson [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
789 Lucia Goin [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
790 Jerry Leon Carroll [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
791 Amory [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
792 Neil Brian Goldberg [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
793 Byron Hothkiss [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
794 Nenna Joiner [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
795 Mary Lou Finley [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
796 Nathalie Hrizi [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
797 Amos Johnson [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
798 Dina Josephine Padilla [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
799 Robert J. Evans [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
800 Debra L. Reiger [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
801 Stewart Alexander [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
802 Karen Martinez [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
803 Marylou Cabral [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
804 Janice Jordan [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
805 Mohammed Arif [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
806 Cindy Sheehan [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
807 Carlos Alverez [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
808 Gloria Estela La Riva [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
809 John Thompson Parker [Peace and Freedom] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
810 Bob Watkins [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
811 Ani Defranco [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
812 Carlos Santana [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
813 G3org3 Costa [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
814 Cody Nott [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
815 Michael Williams [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
816 Frank Garcia [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
817 Christopher Coulon [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
818 Bill Palmer [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
819 Gayle McLaughlin [No Party Preference] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
820 Lee Olson [No Party Preference] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
821 Don Grundmann [Constitution] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
822 Keyantwon Stephens [Citizens] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
823 Marston [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
824 Marci Pinkard [Decline to State] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
825 Lori Schiffbauer [N/A] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
826 Daniel Penisten [Direct Democracy] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
827 Andy Caffrey [Ecotopian Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
828 John Bergamini [Food Not Bombs] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
829 Tina Drugg [Goddess] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
830 Sterling [Hemp] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
831 Lily (Espinoza) Ploski [Nonpartisan] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
832 James Anthony [LEAP] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
833 Rory Hicks [Liberal-Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
834 Wayne Christopher [Pastafarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
835 Jorge Sanchez [Progressive Democrat/Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
836 Gary Jordon [Respublica of Earth] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
837 Joe Dehn [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
838 Richard Fast [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
839 Eduardo A Flores [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
840 Terry Floyd [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
841 Andrew Forrester [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
842 Anthony A Fratta [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
843 Joel Gompert [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
844 Steve Bernard Haug [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
845 Jeffery Hewitt [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
846 Wendy Hewitt [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
847 Ryan Lopez [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
848 Doug Morrow [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
849 David Naranjo [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
850 Jill Pyeatt [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
851 Brandon Nelson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
852 Kenneth B Olsen [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
853 Jonathan D Prosser [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
854 Manuel Anthony Robledo [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
855 Matthew "Boomer" Shannon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
856 Frederick A Sorilla [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
857 Christopher James Stare [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
858 Benjamin Malaki Steele [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
859 Paul Vallandigham [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
860 Jason M. Hanania [No Party Preference] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
861 Rick Joe Dawson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
862 Micheal O'Leary [No Party Preference] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
863 Johnny Wattenburg [No Party Preference] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
864 Nils Palsson [No Party Preference] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
865 Chris Wood [No Party Preference] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
866 Laura Booth [Free Parliamentary] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
867 Adrian Hickman [Free Parliamentary] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
868 Zachary Scott Gordon [American Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
869 Babette Hogan [Free and Equal] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
870 James Barbee [Free Marijuana] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
871 Janel Buycks [Non-partisan] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
872 Eddy Lepp [Non-partisan] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
873 Marshall Tuck [Nonpartisan] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
874 Tony K. Thurmond [Nonpartisan] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
875 Thressia Keys [Marijuana] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
876 David Payne [Marijuana] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
877 Edward Zuniga [Marijuana] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
878 Sonja Kent [Humanitarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
879 Anthony Jamison [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
881 Mark of Halloween [Roseannearchist] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
882 Lady Jane Green [Roseannearchist] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
883 PJ [Roseannearchist] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
884 Dawn Pierce [Pink] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
885 Dulce Neri [Pink] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
886 Rocio Esparza [Pink] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
887 Diane Templin [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
888 Don Lake [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
889 Warren Campbell [American Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
890 Christina Adams [Environmentalist] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
891 Herb [Aqua Tangerine] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
892 Richard Rodrigues [Aqua Tangerine] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
893 Edward M. Bowers [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
895 Matthew Ryan Butts [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
896 Dr. Yona Barash [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
897 Bryan Barash [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
898 Jeffrey D. Burum [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
899 Christine Russell [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
900 Germaine Stewart [Liberal]
901 Tina Lorbetsen [Democratic Reformist] 1Libertarian USA-ss8
902 Amalia Boros [Defender of the Republic]
904 Elizabeth Colbert-Busch [Democratic]
905 Jesse Johnson [Mountain Green]
906 Keenan Dunham [Libertarian]
907 Arthur Rodrigues [Mutualism & Cooperation]
908 Tim Gildersleeve [Christocratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
910 Ron Gold [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
911 Gaetano Taibi [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
912 Doug Hassett [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
913 Pamela Elizondo [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
914 James J Aragon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
915 Vashte Steinbiss [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
916 Pamela J. Brown [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
917 Kristi Stone [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
918 Sandi Web [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
919 Donna Tello [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
920 Marian Smithson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
921 Mark Herd [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
922 Richard Winger [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
923 Ned Roscoe [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
924 Omar Navarro [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
925 Cory Nott [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
926 Dave LeBlanc [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
927 Byron Stephens [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
928 Steve Kubby [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
929 Dale Ogden [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
930 Richard Rider [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
931 Starchild [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
932 Richard S. Bronstein [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
933 Richard Newell [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
934 Andrew "Andy" Favor [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
935 Timothy J. Hannon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
936 Joe Cobb [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
937 Michael Metti [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
938 Mark Hinkle [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
939 Larry Clark [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
940 Doug Scribe [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
941 Scott Wilson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
942 Lee Skaggs [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
943 Kenneth Weismann [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
944 Alex Plewniak [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
945 Dwight Bailey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
946 Tony Monroe [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
947 Kevin Takenaga [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
948 Nickolas Wildstar [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
949 Derrick Michael Reid [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
950 Tim Ferreira [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
951 Jonathan Jaech [Libertarian] 1Libertarian johnaj@vlda.org USA-ss11-9
952 Vince Carlton [Libertarian at Large] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
953 C.L. Gannon (or Gammon?) [Liberty First] 1Libertarian USA-ss6
954 Lawrence Samuels [Purple Libertarian]1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
955 Yvonne Girard [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
956 Peter Y. Liu [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
957 Jazmina Saavedra [Republican]1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
958 Mike Bogatirev [Environmentalist] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
959 Greg Conlon [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
960 Roy Allmond [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
961 Glenn Champ [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
962 Thomas Krouse [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
963 Joy Delepine [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
964 Palmer Kain [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
965 Dale Mensing [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
966 Ron Gold [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
967 Jerry Joseph Laws [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
968 Erin Cruz [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
969 Lydia Ortega [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
970 Kevin Mottus [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
971 Neil G. Kitchens [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
972 John "Jack" Crew [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
973 Richard Aguirre [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
974 John H. Cox [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
975 Travis Allen [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
976 David Fennell [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
977 Raul Rodriguez Jr. [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
978 Mark P. Meuser [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
979 Ron Cohen [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
980 Steven C. Bailey [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
981 Eric Early [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
982 logo IP Senator-EurAsia and Middle East Turkan Ergor [Peace] tur35kan@hotmail.com 6/21/2017 to 12/31/2020 Turkey,
983 IP Senator Rajesh Vedprakash [Earth Federation] befceo@gmail.com 12/7/2015 India,
984 Peter Bismark [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Ghana
985 IP Senator-EurAsia and Middle East Daniel Bennett [Libertarian] https://www.facebook.com/djbennett UK
986 logo IP Senator Cerciello Tommaso [Independent] cerciellotommaso@libero.it 12/14/2018 to 12/31/2020 Italy
987 logo IP Senator Count Dr. Prof. Eugenio Magnarin di Castronuovo [Democratic] 6/21/2016 to 12/32/2018 Italy
988 IP Senator Thomas Hensel [Humanitarian Organization] 2/26/2016 Germany
989 IP Senator Sezgin Icin [Earth Federation] Holland 11/23/2015 sezgin.doc@hotmail.nl and s.icin@caiway.nl Holland
990 IP Senator Michael Kern [Humanitarian Organization] 6/1/2015 Germany,
991 Ms Kavita Dalvi [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
992 Ms Manisha Sheth [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
993 Ms Trupti Satam [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
994 N.P.Sudhan [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
995 Satish Dhuri [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
996 Sudip Kheria [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
997 Alok.Sharma [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
998 Suneel Joshi [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
999 Kalpesh Thakkar [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1000 Sandeep Jain [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1001 Jenny Rae Le Roux Republican
1002 Angelyne No Party Preference
1003 Sarah Stephens Republican
1004 Caitlyn Jenner Republican
1005 Sarah Rivard [Libertarian] voteherd@yahoo.com 310 877-8664 Senator-Elector USA-ss12-9
1006 Holly L. Baade Democratic
1007 Jacqueline McGowan Democratic
1008 Rhonda Furin Republican
1009 John R. Drake Democratic
1010 Patrick Kilpatrick Democratic
1011 Kevin Paffrath Democratic
1012 Armando "Mando" Perez-Serrato Democratic
1013 Brandon M. Ross Democratic
1014 Joel Ventresca Democratic
1015 Daniel Watts Democratic
1016 David Alexander Bramante Republican
1017 Harmeet Dhillon [Republican]
1018 Larry A. Elder Republican
1019 Kevin L. Faulconer Republican
1020 Ted Gaines Republican
1021 Sam L. Gallucci Republican
1022 David Hillberg Republican
1023 Kevin Kiley Republican
1024 Chauncey "Slim" Killens Republican
1025 Steve Chavez Lodge Republican
1026 David Lozano Republican
1027 Diego Martinez Republican
1028 Daniel Mercuri Republican
1029 Robert C. Newman II Republican
1030 Doug Ose Republican
1031 PastorDenver Stoner Republican
1032 Joe M. Symmon Republican
1033 Anthony Trimino Republican
1034 Nickolas Wildstar Republican
1035 Leo S. Zacky Republican
1036 Dan Kapelovitz Green
1037 Randy Toler [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss5
1038 James G. Hanink No Party Preference
1039 Kevin K. Kaul No Party Preference
1040 Michael Loebs No Party Preference
1041 Denis Lucey No Party Preference
1042 Jeremiah "Jeremy" Marciniak No Party Preference
1043 David Moore No Party Preference
1044 Adam Papagan No Party Preference
1045 Dennis Richter No Party Preference
1046 Major Singh No Party Preference
1047 Wallace Knox [Democratic]
1048 Vinzenz Koller [Democratic]
1049 Franklin Lima [Democratic]
1050 Christina Marquez [Democratic]
1051 Paul "Pete" Mccloskey [Democratic]
1052 Thomas Mcinerney [Democratic]
1053 Jillian McNerney [Democratic]
1054 Nelida Mendoza [Democratic]
1055 Betty Monroy [Democratic]
1056 Brock Neeley [Democratic]
1057 Alex Norman [Democratic]
1058 Jane Pandell [Democratic]
1059 Yolanda Parker [Democratic]
1060 Wiliam Prady [Democratic]
1061 Andre Quintero [Democratic]
1062 Amy Rao [Democratic]
1063 Kevin Sabellico [Democratic]
1064 Anne Sanger [Democratic]
1065 Mattie Scott [Democratic]
1066 Suzanne Singer [Democratic]
1067 Brian Solecki [Democratic]
1068 Erin Sturdivant [Democratic]
1069 Naomi Tomita [Democratic]
1070 Robert Torres [Democratic]
1071 Catherine Ward [Democratic]
1072 Karen Waters [Democratic]
1073 Shirley Weber [Democratic]
1074 Katherine Wilkinson [Democratic]
1075 Tayte Williams [Democratic]
1076 Rosalind Wyman [Democratic]
1077 Brandon Zavala [Democratic]
1078 Walt Allen [Republican]
1079 Steven Bailey [Republican]
1080 Francis Barraza [Republican]
1081 Randy Berholtz [Republican]
1082 Sue Blair [Republican]
1083 Todd Blair [Republican]
1084 James Bradley [Republican]
1085 Jim Brulte [Republican]
1086 Roger Clark [Republican]
1087 Steve Frank [Republican]
1088 Matthew Craffey [Republican]
1089 Marshall Cromer [Republican]
1090 Ted Gaines [Republican]
1091 Greg Gandrud [Republican]
1092 Peggy Grande [Republican]
1093 Shannon Grove [Republican]
1094 Mario Guerra [Republican]
1095 Howard Hakes [Republican]
1096 Matt Heath [Republican]
1097 Mark Herrick [Republican]
1098 Ronald Herrera [Democratic]
1099 Jihee Huh [Democratic]
1100 LaNiece Jones [Democratic]
1101 Stefan Lysenko [Independent Democrat]
1102 Deondra Crittenden [Libertarian] (CA)
1103 Casey Peters [Independent]
1104 Rev. J.P. Moore [Democratic]
1105 Dave Hester [Republican]
1106 Greg Cipes [Info. Not Avail.]
1107 Katrina Marsden [Libertarian] (RI)
1108 Sara Fleetwood [Democratic]
1109 Autumn Burke [Democratic]
1110 Peter Yeaple [Libertarian] (CA)
1111 Tracy Hodges [Republican]
1112 Mark Whitney [Libertarian] (CA)
1113 Kari Bittner [Libertarian] (NY)
1114 Juan Alcala [Libertarian]
1115 Dave Price [Libertarian]
1116 Gabriella Douglas [Libertarian] (CA)
1117 Marco Antonio "Tony" Leal [Republican]
1118 Anne Kissel [Libertarian] (CT)
1119 Lainie Bookbinder [Info. Not Avail.]
1120 Becky Donner [Socialist]
1121 Colin Cromwell [Info. Not Avail.]
1122 Les Hamasaki [Info. Not Avail.]
1123 Murry Codman [Info. Not Avail.]
1124 David Clark [Info. Not Avail.]
1125 Robert Ward [Info. Not Avail.]
1126 Brian Tusan [Info. Not Avail.]
1127 David Baron [Info. Not Avail.]
1128 Richard Medvitz [Info. Not Avail.]
1129 David Smith [Info. Not Avail.]
1130 Mark Rolands [Info. Not Avail.]
1131 Logan Holowell [Info. Not Avail.]
1132 Fred Nicholas [Info. Not Avail.]
1133 Duke Helenger [Info. Not Avail.]
1134 Ed Lantz [Info. Not Avail.]
1135 Eric Ahlberg [Info. Not Avail.]
1136 Gregory Wright [Info. Not Avail.]
1137 Rik Henderson [Info. Not Avail.]
1138 Peter Meisen [Info. Not Avail.]
1139 Paul Cary [Info. Not Avail.]
1140 Paul Sangster [Info. Not Avail.]
1141 Marc Rosenthal [Info. Not Avail.]
1142 Elizabeth Kann [Democratic]
1143 Tyrone Troupe [Info. Not Avail.]
1144 Ted Mizrahi [Info. Not Avail.]
1145 Bobby Israel [Info. Not Avail.]
1146 Gunner Lovelace [Info. Not Avail.]
1147 Dan Mapes [Info. Not Avail.]
1148 Abraham Taltre [Info. Not Avail.]
1149 Amir Magal [Info. Not Avail.]
1150 Barry Sopinsky [Info. Not Avail.]
1151 Ronald Bookbinder [Info. Not Avail.]
1152 Duke Hillinger [Info. Not Avail.]
1153 Jay Ammon [Info. Not Avail.]
1154 Mathew Wachter [Info. Not Avail.]
1155 Serge Khoshnev [Info. Not Avail.]
1156 Otto Martin [Info. Not Avail.]
1157 Bart Kresa [Info. Not Avail.]
1158 Timothy Kitz [Info. Not Avail.]
1159 Ranjit Siva [Info. Not Avail.]
1160 Vince Dundee [Info. Not Avail.]
1161 Scott Dundee [Info. Not Avail.]
1162 John Chuck [Info. Not Avail.]
1163 Zarathusta [Info. Not Avail.]
1164 Evan Perman [Info. Not Avail.]
1165 John Romano [Info. Not Avail.]
1166 Jeff Joseph [Info. Not Avail.]
1167 Steven Yeaman [Info. Not Avail.]
1168 Stephen Fiske [Info. Not Avail.]
1169 Sarva [Info. Not Avail.]
1170 June Genis [Libertarian] (CA)
1171 Martin Covax [Info. Not Avail.]
1172 Rick Pinkert [Info. Not Avail.]
1173 Lance Charles [Info. Not Avail.]
1174 Brian Moore [Democratic Socialist] 1Libertarian FL,
1175 John Hamm [Don Draper]
1178 Scott Vineberg [No Party Preference]
1179 Alastair Caithness [Libertarian] (CA)
1180 Alorah Inanna [Info. Not Avail.]
1181 Sarina Daly Goode [Info. Not Avail.]
1182 Susan Sarno [Info. Not Avail.]
1184 Barbara Marx Hubbard [Info. Not Avail.]
1185 Debra Malzado [Info. Not Avail.]
1186 Amie Grenier [Info. Not Avail.]
1187 Kate Macallum [Info. Not Avail.]
1188 Dina Bandu [Info. Not Avail.]
1189 TJ Campbell [Libertarian-Republican]
1190 Kyle Bracken [Info. Not Avail.]
1191 Tommy Dale [Info. Not Avail.]
1192 Ivan Dryer [Info. Not Avail.]
1193 Agustin Arreola [Democratic]
1194 Katherine Bancroft [Democratic]
1195 Kara Bechtle [Democratic]
1196 Brandon Benjamin [Democratic]
1197 Janine Bera [Democratic]
1198 Peter Bolland [Democratic]
1199 Mary Bowker [Democratic]
1200 Janice Brown [Democratic]
1201 Manoj Mishra [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1202 Uday Sawant [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1203 Sunil Mishra [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1204 Jojo Nathaniel [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1205 Inderjeet Chauhan [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1206 Prasanna Joshi [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1207 Prakash Wagh [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1208 Senthikumar Koundar [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1209 Brijesh Bhuta [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1210 Vinit Rughani [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1211 Amit Paul [Universal Humanitarian Organization] 1Libertarian India,
1212 Sushil Kumar [Personal] 1Libertarian India,
1213 Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1214 Dr. Axay Dave [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1215 Dr. Gajanand Rajput [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1216 Adv.Nirmeshkant Prajapati [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1217 Adv.Hemen Thakkar [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1218 Niranjan Dave [Republican] 1Libertarian India,
1219 Ashok Sharma [Independent] 1Libertarian India,
1020 Arjun Singh Rawat [BJP] 1Libertarian India,
1221 IP Senator Frank Ermisch [Humanitarian Organization] frank.ermisch@gmx.net 6/1/2015 Germany,
1222 IP Senator Mirko Hensel [Humanitarian Organization] 2/26/2016 Germany
1223 logo IP Senator Francesco D'Alassandro [Info. Not Avail.] Italy
1224 logo IP Senator Riccardo Di Matteo Info. Not Avail.] dimatteoriccardo@tiscali.it 5/22/2020 to 12/31/2021 Italy
1225 IP Senator-Asia Pacific Dato' Seri Prof. Dr.hc. Muhammad Harith Bin Abdullah, Ph.D [Info. Not Avail.] 10/23/2015 Malaysia,
1226 IP Senator-Asia Pacific Ali Sodikin Bin Samah [Info. Not Avail.] 10/9/2015 Malaysia
1227 IP Senator-Asia Pacific Dr. Tony Sunil Verma [Earth Federation] 11/7/2015 Australia
1228 IP Senator-Asia Pacific Anand Verma [Earth Federation] 11/16/2015 Australia
1229 logo IP Senator-Europe Jurgen Paul Otto [Ambassador] Germany
1230 logo IP Senator-Europe H.H. Prinz Prof. Dr. Johann Feikes [Democratic People] Germany
1231 IP Senator-Europe Lothar Krug [Humanitarian Organization] 2/26/2016 Germany
1232 Senator-Europe Annette Wolters [Humanitarian Organization] 2/26/2016 Germany
1233 Senator-Europe Johannes Merten [Humanitarian Organization] 2/26/2016 Germany
1234 logo IP Senator Ahmed Elbehiry [Info. Not Avail.] Egypt
1235 logo IP Senator Al Moetasem Bellah Omar [Ambassador] Egypt
1236 logo IP Senator Rafat Iskandar [Ambassador] Egypt
1237 logo IP Senator Tareq Hamdan [Chief Ambassador] Egypt
1238 IP Senator Abdelrahim Abouel-Makarem Abdel-karim Khaled Hammad [Info. Not Avail.] 00201092000783 a.hammad9eg@yahoo.com Egypt
1239 logo IP Senator Dr. Mahmoud Haridy [Ambassador] Egypt
1240 Edward Gassoub [Environmentalist Green]
1241 IP Senator Amba Prof Dr A Mohammed Raffi [Voluntariate for Integrated Education and Welfare] 10/6/2019 ardsind@gmail.com India,
1242 IP Senator Paul Tapas [Democrats] logondada@gmail.com India,
1243 IP Senator-South America Luiz Fernando C.R.M. Botelho [Earth Federation] lfcrmbotelho@hotmail.com 11/16/2015 Brazil
1244 IP Senator-South America HMRI Emperor Prof General Doctor Javier Otto Jorge Gold Ferrari PhD D.D [New Empire Roman Fourth Roma] 4/30/2015 Peru
1245 logo IP Senator Ahmed Abousharkh [Info. Not Avail.] 1/22/2018 to 12/31/2019 Egypt and USA
1246 David Kennedy [Democratic]
1247 Dona Kerkvliet-Varin [Democratic]
1248 Fatima Rothschild [Republican] fatimafaize@yahoo.fr CA-CD5
1249 Caron Libby [Info. Not Avail.] PO Box 1563, Carmel, CA 93921 (CACD#20)
1250 Phillip Britton Wasson [Libertarian], erigtonf111@gmail.com, (CACD#43)
1251 Lori Truxel [Info. Not Avail.], 5539 79th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90045 (CACD#43)
1252 Dan Twedt [Transhumanist], 1576 Norman Avenue., Thousand Oaks, CA. 91360, (805) 908-9213 (CACD#33)
1253 Shirley Keyes [Info. Not Avail.], 1238 Tunston Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950 (CACD#20)
1254 Michal Gulthrie [Libertarian], gulthrie_groundfloor@yahoo.com, (CACD#43)
1255 Paul Hol man [Libertarian], paulholman@live.com, USA-ss12
1256 Juan Ponce Lopez [Libertarian]
1257 Alicia Mattson [Libertarian] (CA)
1258 Bruce Dovner [Libertarian] (CA)
1259 Helen Fay Yeaple [Libertarian] (NY)
1260 Ethan Bishop [Libertarian] (DC)
1261 Alice Lillie [Libertarian] (CA)
1262 Elijah Gizzarelli [Libertarian] (RI)
1263 Erick Brown [Libertarian] (CA) rockclubfoundation@gmail.com
1264 Eric Freedner [Libertarian]
1265 Angela Rhea Sessions [Libertarian] (CA)
1266 Avens O'Brien [Libertarian] (CA)
1267 Larry Sharpe [Libertarian] (NY)
1268 Natalie Foley [Libertarian] (CA)
1269 Daniel Ravinsley [Info. Not Avail.], 324 Lundon #D, Monterey, CA 93949 (CACD#20)
1270 Jemma Miller [Info. Not Avail.], 3248 Juniper Court, Marina, CA 93933 (CACD#20)
1271 Al Rozaabady [Info. Not Avail.], 6636 W. 86th Plc, Westchester, CA 90045 (CACD#43)
1272 Christina Anderson [Info. Not Avail.], 5539 West 79th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90045 (CACD#43)
1273 Robert A. Truxal [Info. Not Avail.], 5539 West 79th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90045 (CACD#43)
1274 Gibran Diab [Info. Not Avail.], 8227 Westlawn Avenue 113, Los Angeles, CA 90045 (CACD#43)
1275 Eric McFadden [Info. Not Avail.], 28830 Bison Court, Malibu, CA 90265 (CACD#33)
1276 Alex Ponce [Info. Not Avail.], 5211 Pacific Concourse Drive #1447, Los Angeles, CA 90045 (CACD#43)
1277 Legend Seals [Info. Not Avail.], 7044 La Tijera Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 (CACD#43)
1278 Robert Chao [Info. Not Avail.], 8632 Selpulvela, Los Angeles, CA 90045 (CACD#43)
1279 Rudy Armendariz [Info. Not Avail.], 7403 La Tijera Blvd., Westchester, CA 90045 (CACD#43)
1280 Calvin Reiter [Info. Not Avail.], 4072 Huron Avenue, Culver City, CA 90230 (CACD#33)
1281 Katia Lee [Info. Not Avail.], 8650 Gulana Avenue C1064, Playa Del Rey, California, 90293 (CACD#43)
1282 Christopher A. Chin [Info. Not Avail.], 7857 Flight Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90045 (CACD#43)
1283 Dillon Hayes [Info. Not Avail.], 4 Arkanright Court, Pacific Grove, CA 93950 (CACD#20)
1284 Marlene Johnson [Info. Not Avail.], 541 West Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301 (CACD#43)
1285 January Evens [Info. Not Avail.], 719 19a Eucculyptus Ave., Inglewood, CA 90302 (CACD#43)
1286 Roderik Baroma [Info. Not Avail.], 919 Welton Way, Inglewood, CA 90302 (CACD#43)
1287 Colleen Guerrero [Libertarian] (CA) (760) 583-4865, clelesteg@yahoo.com
1288 Geraldo Guinto [Libertarian] (707) 342-0703
1289 Dawn Day Poe [Discordianism/Roseannearchist]
1290 Lady Gaga [Monster] USA-ss11-9
1291 Jacob Hornberger [Libertarian] (VA) www.jacobforliberty.com
1292 Cop Samminger [Libertarian] WA https://www.facebook.com/CopSamminger/
1293 Mosheh Thezion [All]
1294 Matt Weiner [Mad Men]
1295 Elizabeth A.M. Stump [Libertarian] (CA)
1296 Rev. M.A. Sotelo [Nihilist]
1297 Samantha Miller [Libertarian] (CA)
1298 Parker Car [Roseanne]
1299 Lawrence Gaughan [Independent Democrat]
1300 Alicia Tresh [Libertarian] (CA)
1301 Patty Cappelluti [Democratic]
1302 Jacki Cisneros [Democratic]
1303 Marsha Conant [Democratic]
1304 Freddye Davis [Democratic]
1305 Steven Diebert [Democratic]
1306 Emily Dredd [Democratic]
1307 Lee Fink [Democratic]
1308 Bryan Fletcher [Democratic]
1309 Mark Gonzalez [Democratic]
1310 Madeline Handy [Democratic]
1311 Kamala Harris [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1312 Kirsten Gillibrand [Democratic] (2020 US Presidential candidate), NY 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1313 Amy Klobuchar [Democratic] (2020 US Presidential candidate), MN 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1314 Jacob Daniel Winograd [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1315 Elizabeth Warren [Democratic] (2020 US Presidential candidate), MA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1316 Marianne Williamson [Democratic] (2020 US Presidential candidate), CA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1317 Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry [Green] therealmsskcmcurry@gmail.com, CA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1318 Sandra [Libertarian], PA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1319 Lonie J. Dupre [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1320 Alek Janakievski [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1321 Jordan Logue [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1322 Melinda Pillsbury-Foster [Sustainable Humane Economy], CA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1323 Jeremy Kantorowicz [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1325 Daniel Davenport [UN] (GA) (2020 US Presidential candidate) dnldvnpt@icloud.com, GA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1326 Eric Fine [Democratic] docfiner@aol.com, CA-CD5 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1327 Karen Zagorski [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1328 Joe Bishop-Henchman [Libertarian], DC 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1329 Spike Cohen [Libertarian], SC 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1330 Brianna Coyle [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1331 Aaron Goss [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1332 David Bond [Green] (CA) ajb8551@hotmail.com 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1333 Bridget Duffy [Green] (CA) bridgetofthebridge@gmail.com 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1334 Eric Brooks [Green] (CA) brookse@igc.org 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1335 Rachel Blackfyre [Libertarian] 1Liberation 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1336 Vermin Supreme [Libertarian], MA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1337 Josh Hilditch [Libertarian], UK 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1337 Jennifer Walters [Green] (2020 US Presidential candidate), NY 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1339 Kevin Shaw [Libertarian] Phychedelic, CA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1340 Chris Alderson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1341 Aberra Shiferraus [Republican] (702) 245-6948, CA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1342 Phoebe Sargen [Green] (CA) 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1343 Michael A. Murphy [Green] mxm@retropostmodern.com, CA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1344 Nicholas Sarwark [Libertarian], NH 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1345 Sid Akbar [Green] (2020 Candidate for CA Assembly District 9) sid@akbar2020.com, CA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1346 Aidan Hill [Green] (candidate for mayor of Berkeley 2020) aidan4berkeley@gmail.com, CA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1347 Ronnie Henley [Green] (2020 US Senate candidate) (731) 613-3196, TN 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1348 James Weeks [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1349 Archie Flower [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1350 Draft Edward Snowden [Info. Not Avail.] (USA) 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1351 Jack V Lloyd [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1352 Adam Kokesh [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1353 Bill Weld [Republican] MA 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1354 Ian Schlakman [Green] (2020 US Presidential candidate) MD 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1355 Dave Smith [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss11-9
1356 Lou Burns [Libertarian] (323) 928-6665 louissinburns08@gmail.com
* * *

Under Construction on 7-29-2021

NOTE: The above eballot will be cleaned up through August 5th 2021 and the names will be elected to the Los Angeles County Mini-state Parliament.
* * *

On 4/27/2021 Ajmal Kahn [Independent] ajmal23afg@yahoo.com Afghanistan by Facebook as follows:
1 IP Senator Ajmal Kahn [Independent] ajmal23afg@yahoo.com Afghanistan
* * *

On 4/24/2021 Honorable Jobish Thomas voted by email rdmj6@yahoo.com as follows:
1 "Jobish Thomas"
* * *

On 4/22/2021 Honorable IP Senator 1Libertarian Caucus Director Duke of Edinburgh [Libertarian] https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010224282841 UK, nominated by digital vote as follows:
1 IP Senator Joey McAuley [Libertarian] https://www.facebook.com/joey.mcauley.79 Australia
2 IP Senator Andreas Nyström [Libertarian] https://www.facebook.com/groups/3529650577052826/user/609393904 Catalonia
3 IP Senator Daniel Bennett [Libertarian] https://www.facebook.com/djbennett UK
* * *

Marked Eballots for 1Libertarian Caucus Directors Through April 1st 2021

Titanoboa's [Libertarian] vote in Facebook on around 3/17/2021:
1 Titanoboa [Libertarian]
2 Bob Roddis [Libertarian]
3 Alek Janakievski [Libertarian]
4 Jordan Logue [Libertarian]
5 Arizona [Libertarian]
6 Jeremy Kantorowicz [Libertarian]
7 Jacob Daniel Winograd [Libertarian]
8 Lonie J. Dupre [Libertarian]
9 Q [Libertarian]
* * *

James Ogle's marked eballot on 3/30/2021:
1 Arizona [Libertarian], AZ
2 James Ogle [One] (2020 and 2024 US Presidential candidate and LNC Vice Chair), CA-CD20
3 Jeffrey "Jeff" Metrick [Libertarian] (2022 US Congressional candidate), AZ-CD5
4 Moritzky, William "Bill" [Libertarian] for AZ Governor, AZ
5 Charles Schaefer [Libertarian] candidate as VP and LNC Vice Chair, WA
6 John Hudak [Libertarian]
7 Jim Doyle [Republican] (2024 US Presidential candidate) Tel: (925) 376-9265 (message only), CA
8 Mary Kae Ivanevich [Republican] 1Libertarian CA
9 Sam Coppinger (Reagan Fan) [Libertarian]
10 Bob Roddis [Libertarian]
11 Demetra Jefferson Wysinger [Wxyz New Day] (2020 US Presidential candidate) askwy2020@gmail.com, TX
12 Geby Eva Espinosa [Libertarian GOO] (2020 and 2024 US Presidential candidate), CA
13 (Removed on 4/4/2021 as per request)
14 (Name removed per their request 4/4/2021)
15 (Removed on 4/4/2021 as per request)
16 Alek Janakievski [Libertarian]
17 Draft Taylor Swift [Democratic], TN
18 Jordan Logue [Libertarian]
19 Tulsi Gabbard [Democratic] (2020 US Presidential candidate) http://www.tulsi2020.com info@tulsi2020.com, HI
20 Lonie J. Dupre [Libertarian]
21 (Removed on 4/4/2021 as per request)
22 James Treibert [Libertarian] USA, treibert_j@msn.com, Senator Elector
23 Melinda Pillsbury-Foster [Sustainable Humane Economy], CA
24 Mike Shipley [Libertarian], AZ
25 Jo Jorgensen [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate), SC
26 Q [Info. Not Avail.], AZ
27 Souraya Faas [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate), FL
28 Jeremy Kantorowicz [Libertarian]
29 Marianne Williamson [Democratic] (2020 US Presidential candidate), CA
30 Elizabeth Warren [Democratic] (2020 US Presidential candidate), MA
31 Mark Herd [Libertarian], CA-CD5
32 Kirsten Gillibrand [Democratic] (2020 US Presidential candidate), NY
33 Jonathan Jaech [Libertarian] johnaj@vlda.org, CA
34 Amy Klobuchar [Democratic] (2020 US Presidential candidate), MN
35 Jacob Daniel Winograd [Libertarian]
36 Kamala Harris [Democratic] (2020 US Presidential candidate), CA
37 Paul Hol man [Libertarian], paulholman@live.com, CA-CD5 (2 tics, sum 26)
38 Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry [Green] therealmsskcmcurry@gmail.com, CA
39 Eric Freedner [Libertarian], CA
40 Sandra Salas [Libertarian], PA
41 Anthony Jamison [Black Panther], CA
42 Marcia Everett [Green Party USA] mle62mle62@gmail.com, NC
43 Juan Lopez [Libertarian], CA
44 Lady Gaga [Monster], CA
45 Jeff Drobman [Democratic], CA
46 Civet [Libertarian] (619) 957-3317, CA,
47 Daniel Davenport [UN] (GA) (2020 US Presidential candidate) dnldvnpt@icloud.com, GA
48 (removed on 4/4/2021 as per request)
49 Eric Fine [Democratic] docfiner@aol.com, CA-CD5
50 (removed on 4/4/2021 as per request)
51 Misha Bogatirev [Environmentalist] michaelb93950@juno.com, CA
52 Karen Zagorski [Libertarian]
53 Joe Bishop-Henchman [Libertarian], DC
54 Caryn Ann Harlos [Libertarian], CO
55 Spike Cohen [Libertarian], SC
56 Brianna Coyle [Libertarian]
57 Aaron Goss [Libertarian]
58 Colleen Guerrero [Libertarian] clelesteg@yahoo.com, CA
59 David Bond [Green] (CA) ajb8551@hotmail.com
60 Bridget Duffy [Green] (CA) bridgetofthebridge@gmail.com
61 Eric Brooks [Green] (CA) brookse@igc.org
62 Rachel Blackfyre [Libertarian]
63 Vermin Supreme [Libertarian], MA
64 Dakinya Jefferson [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate), TX
65 Josh Hilditch [Libertarian], UK
66 Jennifer Walters [Green] (2020 US Presidential candidate), NY
67 Kevin Shaw [Libertarian] Phychedelic, CA
68 Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian], CA
69 Chris Alderson [Libertarian]
70 Danielle St. John [Green] www.readytovomit.com, CA
71 Michael A. Murphy [Green] mxm@retropostmodern.com, CA
72 Laura Wells [Green] (CA)
73 Josh Jones [Green] (CA)
74 Phoebe Sargen [Green] (CA)
75 Sid Akbar [Green] (2020 Candidate for CA Assembly District 9) sid@akbar2020.com, CA
76 Autumn Burke [Democratic]
77 Aidan Hill [Green] (candidate for mayor of Berkeley 2020) aidan4berkeley@gmail.com, CA
78 Debra Malzado [Info. Not Avail.]
79 Ronnie Henley [Green] (2020 US Senate candidate) (731) 613-3196, TN
80 Ivan Dryer [Info. Not Avail.]
81 James Weeks [Libertarian]
82 Becky Donner [Socialist]
83 Archie Flower [Libertarian]
84 Fatima Rothschild [Republican] fatimafaize@yahoo.fr, CA-CD5
85 Edward Snowden [Info. Not Avail.] (USA) (Draft Snowden 2020 US President)
86 Demondria Jefferson [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate), TX
87 Greg Cipes [Info. Not Avail.]
88 Dina Bandu [Info. Not Avail.]
89 Aberra Shiferraus [Republican] (702) 245-6948, CA
90 Sara Fleetwood [Democratic]
91 Stefan Lysenko [Independent Democrat], CA
92 Dawn Day Poe [Discordianism/Roseannearchist] (USA)
93 Jack V Lloyd [Libertarian]
94 Lainie Bookbinder [Info. Not Avail.]
95 Nicholas Sarwark [Libertarian], NH
96 Elisheba Zodok-El [Noocratic] noocraticparty@protonmail.com, TX
97 Juan Alcala [Libertarian]
98 Alorah Inanna [Info. Not Avail.]
99 Steve Stokes [Independent]
100 Sarina Daly Goode [Info. Not Avail.]
101 Lawrence Gaughan [Independent Democrat]
102 Susan Sarno [Info. Not Avail.]
103 Adam Kokesh [Libertarian]
104 Barbara Marx Hubbard [Info. Not Avail.]
105 Casey Peters [Independent]
106 Amie Grenier [Info. Not Avail.]
107 Evan Perman [Info. Not Avail.]
108 Kate Macallum [Info. Not Avail.]
109 Jeff Joseph [Info. Not Avail.]
110 Steven Yeaman [Info. Not Avail.]
111 Geraldo Guinto [Libertarian] (CA) (707) 342-0703
112 Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shamuel [Noocratic] (Negus Shemsizedek) lawiyzodok@live.com, TX
113 Bill Weld [Republican]
114 Ian Schlakman [Green] (2020 US Presidential candidate) MD
116 Hunter Crow [Green] (TX)
117 Justin Kahm [Pan-Asianist] j.kahm@yahoo.com, MT
118 Mosheh Thezion [All], CA
119 Colin Cromwell [Info. Not Avail.]
120 Larry Sharpe [Libertarian], NY
121 Ben Leder [Libertarian], TX
122 Mark Hinkle [Libertarian] mark@garlic.com, CA
123 David Smith [Info. Not Avail.]
124 Duke Helenger [Info. Not Avail.]
125 Lou Burns [Libertarian] (323) 928-6665 louissinburns08@gmail.com
126 Mark Rolands [Info. Not Avail.]
127 Sam Sloan [Libertarian] samhsloan@gmail.com NY, CA
128 Stephen Fiske [Info. Not Avail.]
129 Martin Covax [Info. Not Avail.]
130 Rick Pinkert [Info. Not Avail.]
131 Lance Charles [Info. Not Avail.]
132 Les Hamasaki [Info. Not Avail.]
133 Matt Weiner [Mad Men]
134 Rev. M.A. Sotelo [Nihilist]
135 Parker Car [Roseanne]
136 Sarva [Info. Not Avail.]
137 Tommy Dale [Info. Not Avail.]
138 Rev. J.P. Moore [Democratic]
139 Dave Hester [Republican]
140 Marco Antonio "Tony" Leal [Republican]
141 Tracy Hodges [Republican]
142 Michael Heise [Libertarian]
143 Gary North [Libertarian]
144 Dave Smith [Libertarian]
145 Kyle Bracken [Info. Not Avail.]
146 Scott Vineberg [No Party Preference]
147 John Hamm [Don Draper]
148 Jason Weinman [Libertarian]
149 Andy Craig [Libertarian], GA
150 Peter Quinones [Libertarian]
151 Joshua Smith [Libertarian]
152 Todd Hagopian [Libertarian]
153 Hotep Jesus [Libertarian]
154 Maj Toure [Libertarian]
155 Tom Woods [Libertarian]
156 Hans-Hermann Hoppe [Libertarian]
157 Austin Petersen [Libertarian]
158 Jeff Deist [Libertarian]
159 Eric July [Libertarian]
160 Jesse Miller [Libertarian]
161 Ron Paul [Libertarian], TX
162 Lew Rockwell [Libertarian]
163 Lincoln Chafee [Libertarian]
165 Justin Amash [Libertarian], MI
166 Henry Conoly [Libertarian]
167 Jeff Wood [Libertarian]
168 Fred Nicholas [Info. Not Avail.]
169 Randy Weber [Libertarian]
170 Logan Holowell [Info. Not Avail.]
171 Robby Soave [Libertarian]
172 Michael Malice [Libertarian]
173 Chris Spangle [Libertarian]
174 Gary Johnson [Libertarian], NM
175 David Clark [Info. Not Avail.]
176 Robert Ward [Info. Not Avail.]
177 Brian Tusan [Info. Not Avail.]
178 David Baron [Info. Not Avail.]
179 Ed Lantz [Info. Not Avail.]
180 Dave Price [Libertarian]
181 Murry Codman [Info. Not Avail.]
182 Eric Ahlberg [Info. Not Avail.]
183 Gregory Wright [Info. Not Avail.]
184 Rik Henderson [Info. Not Avail.]
185 Peter Meisen [Info. Not Avail.]
186 Paul Cary [Info. Not Avail.]
187 Paul Sangster [Info. Not Avail.]
188 Marc Rosenthal [Info. Not Avail.]
189 Richard Medvitz [Info. Not Avail.]
190 Tyrone Troupe [Info. Not Avail.]
191 Ted Mizrahi [Info. Not Avail.]
192 Bobby Israel [Info. Not Avail.]
193 Gunner Lovelace [Info. Not Avail.]
194 Dan Mapes [Info. Not Avail.]
195 Abraham Taltre [Info. Not Avail.]
196 Amir Magal [Info. Not Avail.]
197 Barry Sopinsky [Info. Not Avail.]
198 Ronald Bookbinder [Info. Not Avail.]
199 Duke Hillinger [Info. Not Avail.]
200 Jay Ammon [Info. Not Avail.]
201 Mathew Wachter [Info. Not Avail.]
202 Serge Khoshnev [Info. Not Avail.]
203 Otto Martin [Info. Not Avail.]
204 Bart Kresa [Info. Not Avail.]
205 Timothy Kitz [Info. Not Avail.]
206 Ranjit Siva [Info. Not Avail.]
207 Vince Dundee [Info. Not Avail.]
208 Scott Dundee [Info. Not Avail.]
209 John Chuck [Info. Not Avail.]
210 Zarathusta [Info. Not Avail.]
211 John Romano [Info. Not Avail.]
212 Sarah Rivard [Libertarian] voteherd@yahoo.com (310) 877-8664, CA-Senator Elector
213 Ralph Beach [One] scamendmentnews@yahoo.com (843) 908.9631, SC-Senator Elector
214 Roy J. Kendall [USS Liberty] royjkendall@hotmail.com, CA
* * *

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