Marked "Eballot" and Paper Ballot #e-aps-34 for APS-IB Board of Directors (BoDs)

Geby Espinosa voted by voice to James Ogle on June 25th, 2021 as follows:
1 Geby Espinoa [Libertarian GOO]
2 James Ogle [One]
* * *

Jim Doyle [Republican] voted by voice to James Ogle on June 30th, 2021 as follows:
_1__ Brian Ellison [Libertarian]
_2__ Geby Espinosa [Libertarian]
_3__ Gan Veronica [Info. Not Avail.]
_4__ Buck Rogers [Conservative]
_5__ Daniel Davenport [UN]
_6__ James Ogle [One]
_7__ Shirley Sapp-Davenport [Info. Not Avail.]
_8__ Jim Doyle [Republican]
_9__ Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic]
_10__ Roy J. Kendall [USS Liberty]
_11__ Rocio Esparza [Pink]
_12__ Ivon Ramzi [Info. Not Avail.]
_13__ Laura Frustaci [Info. Not Avail.]
_14__ Christine Lesterlin Metayer [New Humanism]
_15__ James Treibert [Libertarian]
_16__ Rhett Smith [Free Democratic]
_17__ Haitham Durbie [Humanity]
_18__ Frank-Michael Hensel [NWP]
_19__ Jean-Yves Metayer-Robbes [New Humanism]
_20__ Michel Tia [NWP]
_21__ Tra Crews [Green]
_22__ K. Mohan [Info. Not Avail.]
* * *

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