(APS-IB) BoDs Agenda Marked "Eballots" and Paper Ballots #e-aps-36-marked for All Party System Co., International Bureau

Marked Eballots #36-marked (Updated on 7-14-2021)

Eballot marked by Secretary James Ogle [One] on 7-14-2021
1 Order of five elected CEOs new precedents:
2 The new priority is for all CEO nominees to be elected on the annual board meeting, the first Sunday after July 4th at 9 am Pacific Time.
3 The new precedent shall eliminate any second or more executive seats being held simultaneously by one person. This includes all seats.
4 No Executive can hold more than one seat. The seat not in demand by new nominees shall be the one seat kept by the holder of two seats while standing down from one seat.
5 All seats get filled by names attaining votes and any seat requested for nomination are elected.
6 The first concern is registering the annual fee before October 1st of each year for the APS-IB agent of servive BizFilings.com and to pay the $199./year fee.
7 All elected Directors and CEOs can be listed with BizFilings.com and it is not required.
8 CEO terms will start on January 1st and end on December 31st for all five CEOs elected on July 11th, 2021.
9 All CEOs and Directors get one vote on the board at the annual meeting and any other meetings but all CEOs' votes are timed with their term.
10 When the Agent of Service fees or the Delaware State taxes are not filed on time then an automatic termination of the company should go into effect by the APS-IB and that termination will include both with BizFilings .com and the State of Delaware Corporate Business taxes department soon after the vote to dissolve takes place at the annual board meeting.
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