The All Party System Co.
A Project of the International Parliament

Investor Relations

Price of Shares $9.75 per unit (common and preferred) 12/1/2019
USA Securities and Exchange (SEC) ID # 0001592929

Contact USA Sales of APS Co. Preferred and Common Shares by Telephone: (831) 236-3825
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DIRECTIONS for Purchasing Shares/Stocks (Steps One to Three)

Step One) Pay $60. Fee Here:

Sign Up to Be International Parliament (IP) Senator and/or Simply Pay the $60. Transaction Fee to start the Processing. Serving as IP Senator is a complimentary option for investors which insures a vote for the ten owners, the IP Ten Execs.
* * *

Step Two) Three "Agreement Forms":

To obtain the purchase agreements so to complete the purchase stocks/shares, please contact us:
Contact Us

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Step Three) APS Company Books Are Updated and Paper Certificate(s) Mailed:

Your shares will be listed on the APS Co.'s CEO books, primary paper archives, digital archives and paper certificate records, once Steps One and Step Two are completed. Then after that, step Three is completed, and your paper share certiciate(s) is mailed to you.
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The All Party System Co. is an official corporate entity accepted as
a filer by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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