Schedule 2020
A project of All Party System

January 1st to July 5th - Nominations for APS-IB CEO Election (Annual Term 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2021)
February 3rd - Iowa state caucuses, traditionally the first major electoral event in the country
February 8th - The Libertarian Party of Iowa will conduct its own caucus/straw poll
February 14-17th - The Libertarian Party of California will conduct its own caucus/straw poll
February 11 - First-in-the Nation New Hampshire Presidential Primary
March 1st to July 5 - Nominations for APS-IB Worker BoDs (Perpetual Vote of Confidence)

April 19th - Earth Day and PPR Electoral College Election 2020 (Four-year Term, USA Only)
April 28th - New York primary
May 12th - Nebraska and West Virginia primaries
May 21-25th - The Libertarian Party will hold its presidential nominating convention, in Austin, Texas
June 2nd - Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota primaries
June 16th - District of Columbia primary
* * *