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Welcome to the United Coalition Earth (Updated 7/2/2020)

Welcome and congratulations. Your free registration signup is complete, an identification number has been assigned, and you are now a registered member of the United Coalition team.

New Signups and New Signup Policies

1. "Non Dues Payer Volunteers"
2. Random Facebook Page Administrator
3. Email Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Bounce-backs Boxbe and Bounce-back Policy
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1. "Non Dues Payer Volunteers"

All new signups are automatically qualified as executive in the International Parliament's Cabinet, when the new signup picks Administrator while signing up.

About Cabinet Administrator Elections

If your sign up information is complete then your name will may be nominated as Administrator in a Cabinet Ministry of the International Parliament by the Vote Counting Minister.

Cabinet Administrator Elections
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2. Random Facebook Page Administrator

If you sign up for Facebook Administrator then you will be contacted by email or by telephone for your Facebook address.

Please go ahead and try to get added as random Facebook page administrator by those already administrators.
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3. Email Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Bounce-backs, Boxbe and Bounce-back Policy

Use the signup form to subscribe and unsubscribe.

Our site has been not working and new policies are being looked into in 2020 now.

When you subscribe, and should your email bounce-back, that one-time bounce-back will likely cause our team to remove your email/name from the email lists. If you do not recieve either the Monthly Bulletin and/or the Mid-Month Bulletin emails, then you likely had not subscribed or else your email address removed for one "bounce-back".

You may try to subscribe again, we always welcome administrators of email lists, if we aren't doing a good enough job then we welcome your help.

Some emails can go through even when a bounce-back message is generated from your email account, but we have no way of knowing, and we remove all bounce-backs without confirming that you received the emails or not.

Boxbe email addresses that are returned as undeliverable are eliminated from mailings because the Vote Counting Ministry changes the email address used for sending out from time to time and there is no time for special care for submitting Boxbe requirements for every Boxbe email address.
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